Fiat Multipla: A Story of Setbacks and Comebacks


Fiat has been as esteemed name in manufacturing vehicles. Numerous individuals purchased its cars since it started in the industry. Nevertheless, every top name has its downfall. For Fiat, the manufacturing of Fiat Multipla is considered its setback.


Top Gear’s Ugliest Car of the Year


In 1999, Top Gear named Multipla as the Ugliest Car of the Year, a title that no one would want to receive. Obviously, a car is an investment and it is an expensive asset. Therefore, it is understandable if buyers choose elegantly designed vehicle. Even if a car does not possess an extremely luxurious appeal, it should at least look pleasing to the eyes.


The blow against the car’s appeal does not end with the award as Simon Cowell, the infamous former American Idol judge, also had something to say about the Fiat car when he guested in Top Gear. After seeing the car on a photo, the X Factor executive producer commented that the vehicle had a disease. Cowell is known for being harsh, but many may consider this as hardcore.


What Went Wrong?


People who have not seen Multipla may ask why the car received such award and comment. What went wrong in manufacturing the manufacturing? Consider it as a bold move for the company as it tried a unique design for the vehicle. Judging from its looks, most people commented that it is like gluing two vehicles together. Imagine a compact car, chop its top, and place it on a convertible. It looks very awkward because Multipla looked like as if it had a prominent hump. Even the backside of the car appeared weird for many buyers. Hence, gaining the title from the prominent car show on television.


However, Multipla also had its own appeal and some buyers may love it, particularly those who look for a compact vehicle with great interior space. It followed Fiat Brava’s style although made shorter and wider. This results to getting more interior space that can accommodate six people and still have good space for luggage.


Aside from its style, Multipla also failed to catch on in terms of sales. The car was unveiled in Italy first then expanded to other countries, where it did not receive as much acknowledgement.


The Comeback


Every setback means an opportunity for a comeback. Top Gear may have named Multipla the ugliest car in 1999, the Top Gear Magazine chose it as the Family Car of Year. And this is not for one year, but for four consecutive years.


In addition to receiving a completely different title, Multipla also received a major aesthetic overall as the company rebooted its style in 2004. Its transformation received critical acclaim from buyers together with its spacious interiors.


Fiat Multipla experienced quite a roller coaster ride when it comes to reputation. Nevertheless, it showed that every downfall opens an opportunity to comeback. In fact, it made a glorious comeback that gained more fans and earned benefits for the company, boosting its sales to promote better cars today.

Thankfully the Multipa isn’t sold here in the states, but instead we are lucky enough to experience the beauty that is the Abarth and 500 L—both of which can be seen at Arrigo WPB Fiat.

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