Jeep Reached Out through a Touching 2013 Super Bowl Commercial


Jeep has been known for manufacturing rugged yet elegant cars that only the brand can offer. However, the company showed a softer side after launching its Super Bowl official commercial ad paying homage to the American troops who are at the frontlines.


A YouTube Sensation


The company launched the commercial titled “Whole Again” and presented it through the brand’s official YouTube channel on February 3, 2013. It became a sensation after gaining more than seven million views and nine thousand likes since it was shown at the famous online streaming site.


The commercial started with a quote by Oprah Winfrey saying, “We wait. We hope. We pray. Until you’re home again,” then followed by videos of American troops’ families doing their daily activities while waiting for the day when their loved ones return home. At the latter part of the commercial, the narrator indicated that being whole is more than just being a family. It goes beyond being with them. When that time comes, they become a nation that is whole again.


Lines stated in that the commercial hit close to home for some YouTube viewers. They are the individuals who experience having a family member staying away for a while due to their duties or those who are actually a troop member. Moreover, some comments also own a Jeep and made them feel prouder in owning the vehicle. The video gained a resounding compliment from viewers and shared it through other social media sites. Due to its concept, numerous individuals named the commercial as the best Super Bowl commercial.


Supporting a Cause


Jeep had a deeper reason for coming up with the commercial’s concept. It is about supporting the cause called Operation SAFE Return (OSR) in collaboration with USO. In line with the cause, Jeep announced that it will donate a dollar to the USO for every tweet with the #joinOSR hashtag. The donation can reach up to $300,000 for supporting the country’s heroes.


In addition to the commercial, Jeep also set a specific page introducing the OSR project and USO. According to the page, the company became an integral part of the battle in 1941 as it brought the troops back to their camps. Now, the company wants to be there in welcoming them back home.


SAFE stands for Secure Transport, Aid for Transition, Freedom Adventures, and Enduring Care, a platform established by Jeep that aims to extend financial assistance and in-kind support for troops reuniting with their families. Through USO, returning troops will experience smooth transition in terms of work, home and health.


The company worked with USO, an organization known in lifting the troops’ morale by extending services that support them and their families. It is a non-profit organization that established numerous projects beneficial for American soldiers like innovative programs, support for wounded warriors, military families and a lot more. Dealerships all over like Crosstown  Jeep are working together with Jeep and this organization.


Jeep touched numerous people through this commercial and the project is well-received. It showed its commitment to the cause and the importance of promoting a united nation through being whole again, by waiting for troops until their return together with their loved ones.

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