What Edge Does BMW Have Over Competitors?


BMW is one of the priciest cars in the automobile world along with Mercedes Benz and Ferrari. In Germany, BMW stands as Bayerische Motoren Werke and Bavarian Motor Works as its counterpart in the USA. BMW is also well known for its higher market value and of course, its elegant look that will surely create an impression. More than just its looks, German cars are popular for its reliability, driving performance, and superior craftsmanship.


Now, do you wonder what makes BMW smitten its competitors such as Mercedes Benz, Lexus IS Sedan, Cadillac CTS Sedan, Audi and Infiniti?


Engine is the thing that a consumer or a buyer will take a look at first because it is the bloodline of the car. No matter how good looking a car maybe, for as long as it doesn’t have good engine specifications, buyers tend to ditch them. Now, as far as engine is concerned, fuel efficiency tops the list and that probably makes BMW the most sought-after car brand in the automobile market.


How does a BMW Engine Work? (Source: BMW of Rockville)


According to the company’s description of its BMW engines, the powertrain comes as package and a big overhaul is being done to all the models released and to those that are to be launched in the future as well. The BMW is built with a 2.0 Liter four-cylinder engine that comes in turbocharged that takes over the place of natural aspirated inline-six the N55 engine. The N55 engine is an inline-six single turbo that serves as the highest power plant for all the regular models and now it was replaced with a 2.0 Liter four-cylinder engine. This is the primary reason why BMW is considered to be fuel-efficient.


On the other hand, the Europeans, who appeared to be the top buyers of BMW cars, can freely choose what type of diesel engine they want to have: four cylinders or six cylinders. Along with the choice of diesel engine is the 3.0 Liter turbocharged inline-six diesel that sometimes can be offered in the other parts of the world, like the USA who happens to have a gasoline hybrid. When it comes to power, BMW has always been in the list of vehicles that have the most powerful transmission. It comes in a six-speed manual and an eight-speed automatic or what they call the ZF-sourced. However, its wheel drive, comes as an option. With regards to the steering, BMW is equipped with a driver-selectable and adjustable suspension and an active steering as well. They have a perfect chassis according to buyers. This enables drivers to be comfortable in driving BMW cars and can m


Now, from the specification given above, we can truly tell how fuel-efficient the BMW is and that’s the main reason why it became the buyer’s apple of the eye and favorite. Recently, they have a tight competition with Audi A4 and A5. However, BMW remains at the forefront due to its reputation and its superior quality in all aspects, be it the engine, the drive, as well as its overall performance. The price may be heftier than most, but as the adage goes, you get what you pay for.


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