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Is Your Car Ready For Winter?

It’s that time of year again, when the snow starts falling and bloggers start making recommendations for winterizing vehicles.  Here at the Grayline, we are no different and we have our own ideas on what it means to be winter prepared.  So come on cold weather, this household has taken steps to ensure we can get around when mother nature does her worst.

Preparing your vehicle for winter means actually performing the maintenance you put off all summer.  Inspection and replacement will head up the effort, which includes fluid levels, tire wear, and making sure all lights are working.  It may sound simple, but low tire pressure and worn out wiper blades compound and multiply in the winter months.

Wiper Blades – These are integral to winter time driving, as precipitation starts to fall, these will save your view.  A cold or frozen wiper blade tends to glide over the windshield, instead of actually removing water, snow, and ice.  This gliding can be made worse by worn and old blades, so replace now if you have any doubt.

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Battery – Has your car started a little more slowly over the past few months?  Have you required the occasional jump, when you thought unnecessary?  Can you remember when you purchased your battery?  These are all questions you should be asking yourself and depending on the answers, you should probably go ahead and replace the battery.  The cold is obviously hard on a battery trying to crank over that tired engine, let’s make sure it’s new and full of juice.

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Preparedness Kit – Breaking down sucks, breaking down in winter is deadly.  Be extra prepared during the winter, when temperatures can drop below zero.  Pack a bag full of raisins, crackers, and other nonperishable type items that can be eaten in case you are stranded for long periods of time.  Make sure this pack also comes equipped with a flashlight, blankets, and possibly flares.  The more remote you intend on travelling the more robust your preparedness kit will need to be.

Wax – This isn’t going to help your car or truck perform better in winter, but it will help keep it looking newer longer.  A fresh coat of wax before the frigid temperatures set in can help protect the paint.  It’ll also make it a lot easier to clean and wash off all the salt you’ll collect from the treated roads.

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These are just a few samples of what I recommend getting done before it’s too late in the year.  Jack Frost has already made an appearance here in the midwest, so I know I need to be ready yesterday.

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