The GMC Denali Sierra Truck to be Release in 2014



The 2014 Denali Sierra is sure to combine the typical features of a Denali with several improvised options. The price has not yet been released but the 2013 pricing starts from $47,425. The GMC executives have been quoted saying the Sierra and Silverado High Country from Denali will vie for the attention of buyers from different groups and the Silverado will be a little lesser priced than the Denali Sierra. Rumours have been doing rounds that the new Denali Sierra might be released at the end of this year, and will be seen at local lots like Pitre GMC car dealer.

The GMC Denali Sierra will consist of the usual 5.3 litre V8 but can also be upgraded to a larger 6.2 litre on request from buyers. The makers have estimated this engine to produce a torque of up to 420 hp and 450 lb-ft. This makes it the maximum powerful among the class of half-ton trucks if the numbers stay true after verification by the Society of Automotive Engineers. The changes made to the exterior features of the Denali Sierra are predictable but proposed to be highly popular among the buyers. The chrome grille, the twenty inches chrome wheels, front and rear bumpers retaining the body colour of the truck, exhaust tips which have a stainless steel polish, running lights with LEDs and the unique ID badges with brightwork on the tailgate and front gate  are some of the unique Denali features to be found.

The interior of the 2014 Denali Sierra comes with upholstery made of leather, an aluminium trim, bucket power front seats which can be heated or cooled, Color Track navigation radio with an eight inches screen and Intellink, five USB ports, Bluetooth, climate control with a dual zone option, intense steering wheel, parking assistance on the front and rear side and sliding window with a defogging option. The 2014 Sierra will also consist of a driver display with eight inch screen and is customizable. It can function as a speedometer and a tachometer and show little pieces of information related to your vehicle and audio and navigation data which you choose to view.

The 2014 Denali Sierra retains the professional level engineering of the 2013 version from the control of the engine to the response systems. The Grade Braking senses allow automatic slowing of your vehicle and a Grade braking shift lets you maintain a desired speed.  The Brake assist intelligently assists you in stopping if there is an emergency. Its automatic features allow you to apply full braking force while you are still pressing the pedal to the maximum. The Driver Shift technology lets you shift between the gears like a manual transfer with automatic facility.

GMC has been manufacturing trucks since 1902 and is considered to be one of the most reliable brands. GMC has blended engineering fineness with innovation in style to deliver trucks with high fuel efficiency. The 2014 Sierra brings to you the most powerful range of half trucks and heavy duty pickups.

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