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Chrysler 300 SRT8

Seven awards on its shelf, a canon under the hood, technology like no other, the Chrysler 300 SRT8 which we saw at Madison’s top Kayser Chrysler Center dealer defies expectations and then some. It’s been a debate on if the engine is what makes the car, the features, or the exterior appeal.  It’s a hard question to answer, when everyone has their preferences, let’s leave it to you to decide after hearing about a few different areas that make up the Chrysler 300 SRT8. Starting with the powerful powertrain, the 300 features a rare 6.4L HEMI V8 that pushes an extreme 470hp and 470 pound-feet of torque. Partnering with this power is ride control provided by performance-tuned suspension as well as motor mounts and a powerful braking system. Just how powerful is the key: vented rotors with four-piston, silver-finished Brembo calipers. Brembo is to be said the “world leader” of automotive disc brake technology, commonly known to always have their brake systems in the finest of vehicles. Ready Alert Braking system is also important to point out, because emergency situations do rise, and the SRT8 rises to that occasion. While on the subject, let’s elaborate on the safety features assured to benefit the driver and passengers who purchase this vehicle with a starting price at $49,250. ParkSense and front and rear park assist sensors are new pairs of eyes that detect the presence of objects up to 3.9 feet in front of the vehicle, and 7.5 feet from the rear. Blind Spot Monitoring, head restraints that provide added protection in the event of a collision. With this feature and multistage front airbags, front-seat thorax side airbags, a driver-knee airbag, and side-curtain airbags, is safety really a concern when you’re surrounded by protection? The cushioning comfort that comes with these safety specifications isn’t limited; the interior gets 5 stars, heated and ventilated front seats, with heated rear seats. A look to match your comfort, through accent stitching and soft touch material with technology at arm’s reach—almost as if this vehicle is catering to you. The jeweled, C-Shaped LEDs claim the Chrysler brand with poetry. As Adaptive Forward Lighting computes speed and steering angle to calculate the best headlamp projection for the driver. Topping the cake with icing is the flawless upper and lower grille accents that are featured in black chrome. The front view of the vehicle is mesmerizing but wait until you see the 20-inch black vapor chrome wheels, that take home the gold with a finessing cherry to the build of this masterpiece.


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