NISSAN At a Glance


The Japanese seem to have a remarkable reputation for building high quality products. They have an equally matched stature for being able to successfully market their goods around the world. One of their brands that fit into both of these categories is Nissan. They are the sixth largest carmaker on the planet.


Nissan began making automobiles in 1914 and their first vehicle was called DAT. The acronym was taken from the first letters of the three main investors’ last names. They built mostly trucks in the beginning and then manufactured passenger cars under the name Datsun. The company didn’t formally use Nissan until the 1930s, when the firm grew into a conglomerate of over seventy businesses.


Nissan Motors was officially founded in 1934 and they produced trucks, cars, airplanes and engines. After the Second World War, Nissan began to streamline its manufacturing plant operations in order to manufacture cars more efficiently. They succeeded in this and besides selling thousands of autos in Japan itself, they branched out into the worldwide market.


Success in the world market was achieved early on when Nissan premiered the Datsun 510 and the Datsun 240 Z a little later. These cars were incredibly popular in the United States and elsewhere. By 1970, Nissan was one of the largest automobile exporters in the world. One of the top sold brands in North America at dealerships like Team Nissan of NH.


The 1973 oil crisis forced consumers around the globe to consider smaller, more economically viable cars to purchase. To keep up with the demand for their cars, Nissan built factories in Australia, Mexico, Taiwan, South Africa and Mexico. Soon, Nissan opened up new plants in the United States and became one of the most productive auto companies in history. After that, Nissan opened a plant in China and began producing even more cars.


Nissan works at improving itself every year. When it brought out the full sized pickup truck, the Nissan Titan, it was acknowledged by as the best full-size truck of the year.


Nissan, in its quest for improvement and a larger share of the world market, has partnered up with several well-known automakers. They allied themselves with the French company Renault and then with Daimler-Benz, the German carmaker. The three companies share technology and research information, which allows all of their cars to be the best they can be.


Nissan has developed its own hybrid technology for its cars and some of its cars get up to ninety-nine miles to the gallon of gas.

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