All about the Chevy History

The Chevy, or Chevrolet, is a brand of car that was manufactured by the company General Motors in 1911. Chevrolet was founded by Louis Chevrolet, who was a Swiss race car driver and also an automotive engineer and also was founded by William C. Durant on November, 3, 1911. In the year 1917, Chevrolet was acquired by General Motors.

The Chevy is one of the best known brands of cars that are sold in the United States and also overseas. The Chevy has been around for over 100 years and is still the best known brand of cars. Some of their famous cars include the Camaro, Impala, Corvair, and the Corvette.

The Chevy Impala was first introduced to the world in 1958. At the peak of sells for the Impala, it was the largest selling full size car during its time in the United States. Since then, the Impala has gone through some face lifts but is still a reliable car for the family. There are different styles of the Impala which include the SS, LS, LT, and the LTZ. They all have three different engines for different styles of car, but the transmission is still a 4 speed.

The Camaro has been around since 1966 for the 1967 model year. The Camaro was known as the “pony car” while other models of the Camaro was known as muscle cars. The first model was competing against the Ford model of the Mustang at that time. There are five generations of the Camaro from1966 to present day model. Over the years the Camaro has changed its looks and is now more of a sports car instead of a muscle car.

Another famous car of the Chevy brand is the Corvette as seen at The Corvette first came around in 1953 and was designed by Harley Earl for a show car. The first model of the Corvette was a convertible and is now considered a sports car. It was first built in the state of Michigan and also Missouri but is now being manufactured in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

The last famous car that is made by Chevy is the Corvair. The Corvair was produced in 1959 and was the only rear needed engine compact car made by the Chevrolet brand. The car only made it to the 2nd generation the Chevrolet stop making models after the 1966 model came out. The car was too costly to produce and only sold around 6,000 models in 1966.

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