New Glasses For 04 Mustang

The latest and earliest addition to the 04 Mustang GT Convertible Project Car is a new set of headlights. Tired and weather beaten, the fastest and easiest face lift was with new head lights. Price wise, it’s a great starting point to start customizing the Mustang. I chose Andy’s Auto Sports as my source for the new Mustang’s glasses.

Where to buy?

Andy’s Auto Sports has a phenomenal inventory and selection of automotive parts. Simply put, it’s staggering at all the vehicles they cover and are capable of providing components for. Thankfully, their website is easy to navigate and all the auto parts are organized under the year, model, and part category you are looking to purchase. My only complaint is that once I decided on headlights, I then had to choose from a number of manufacturers before seeing the product. I’m not familiar with some of the import part makers, so it would have been nice to see all the company’s products listed together at that point in a gallery format. However, available telephone support, fast and easy to navigate website, along with freight speeds make this a 5 Star buying experience.

What to buy?

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I decided on the Spec-D brand of headlights, since they offered the closest look to stock, with just a hint of ‘tuning’. This was a great choice, as in the past I’ve had headlights that fell apart when coming out of the box. The Spec-D brand felt solid, the mounting brackets firm, gasket material securely fastened, and the lenses were perfect. When compared to the stock headlights they felt just as robust and I felt confident installing them.

Installing New 04 Mustang Headlights

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  1. First of all, no tools are necessary and if you are capable of poppin the hood, you are capable of changing Mustang headlights.
  2. Pop hood.
  3. Remove 2 restraining brackets, by pulling straight up on the tabs.
  4. Pull headlights forward to access light wiring.
  5. Carefully raise clips to pull plug out of light housing.
  6. Twist rubber turn signal housing 1/4 turn, then pull straight out.
  7. Unscrew headlight housing, then pull bulb housing straight out. Do not twist like you did on the turn signal.
  8. Place light housings inside the new headlights opposite of the way you removed them.
  9. Place new headlights into front of Mustang, applying pressure to front of lens.
  10. Once lined up, slide restraining brackets back into place.
  11. Tadaa! Enjoy a car that looks 10 years younger!

Why buy new Mustang headlights?

Certainly you’ve noticed the headlights on a 5+ year old vehicle. Weather beaten, scarred by the natural and unnatural elements of winter, the lenses barely even look transparent in the day light. At night the brightest bulbs only slightly shine through, limiting visibility, and thus creating a safety concern. Only because you have been with them ever day have you not realized just now scummy they make the rest of the car look. You’ve tried the gritty cleaners to salvage the lenses, but those only work for a short time. It’s now that you realize it’s time to buy a new set of headlights for your project car.

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Source: 99-04 Mustang Parts

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