2012 Impala and LaCrosse Recalled

[ad#Top of Post Left]More recalls from Chevrolet and Buick, with more than 10,000 Impalas and over 4,000 LaCrosse’s having steering defects.  Again, the defects are not of the ho-hum variety, rather serious problems with components that can cause some very serious accidents.

According to Chevy there is an issue with the StabiliTrak electronic stability system.  The problem lies within it’s calibration and not with the component and technology itself.  The system is reportedly causing sudden changes in vehicle handling characteristics and fast deceleration.

Furthermore, Chevy adds to the steering recall with a power steering hose problem.  Somehow neither factory defect has caused any serious accident or injuries.

About StabiliTrak:

StabiliTrak was developed by GM and the Delphi Corporation and first used in Cadillac cars.  However, the stability control system has been standard equipment on all GM vans ans SUVs.  The Electronic Stability Control system functions by adjusting handling characteristics during maneuvers when traction is lost, for example during hydroplaning.  The driver is usually notified that the ESC is activated by a dashboard light and tone.

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  1. Car Storage

    I very happy for this information the system would be causing sudden changes in the handling of the vehicle and a rapid deceleration.
    Also, remember the guide is the problem of power steering hose Chevy


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