247 Horsepower Ford Focus

[ad#Top of Post Left]Too much is never enough, even when coupling V8 horsepower numbers in a small package.  The 2012 Ford Focus ST will be the mighty hatchback that could, expected in dealerships in 2012 as well.  Start salivating now, because this performer packs a big punch, that will hopefully make it to US shores.

How does the 2012 Ford Focus ST make 250 horsepower with just a 4-cylinder engine?  Well, it’s a tried and true forced induction method known as turbo-charging.  And not just ‘a’ turbo, but a twin-turbo setup that propels the Focus engine well beyond what it was originally designed for.

Although not just about performance, the 2012 Focus ST has a look all its own.  It’s meaty, has the obligatory wide mouth front bumper, and threatens the European market with low slung elegance.  Sharp side skirts and a tasteful deck spoiler line up perfectly with the Porsche Boxter inspired central exit exhaust.

Inside the 2012 Focus ST features racing seats, lots of carbon fiber accents, and a six speed fun stick.  According to those who have been able to test drive this pocket rocket, the tall shifter is actually capable of very short throws and speedy jamming of gears.  In addition, the dash, climate and audio controls look like they would be right at home in some Transformer movie or as a back drop for the latest NASA mission.

As for pricing, none has yet to be released.  My guess is that pricing won’t become available until they nerf the performance into the ground and can keep the Focus ST under $25k.  This would still make the 2012 Ford Focus ST the highest price Focus available, trumping the $22k price tag of the Titanium version available now.

2012 Ford Focus ST Pics:

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