McLaren MP4 12C Supercar

McLaren is working on developing a following for it’s upcoming supercar, the MP4-12C.  For the first time ever, the MP4-12C will be available on US soil starting next summer.  McLaren has been working feverishly to build a base, setup dealerships, and even create a US online persona so consumers can finally get in line to buy.  A lot of work for a very exclusive supercar, McLaren aims to please and the 592 hp MP4-12C doesn’t leave a lot on the table.

Amazingly enough, McLaren speculates that the first full 2 years of production MP4-12C supercars have already been pre-purchased.  So, even if you decide today that you want one and have the cash, don’t expect delivery until sometime in 2013.  The low slung and stubby monster was inspired by F1 designed race cars and show off almost as hefty a price tag.

Because of it’s price and limited availability the MP4-12C will only be previewed in select markets, where the wealthy tend to congregate.  For example, it’s first showing will be at Pebble Beach and later Beverly Hills.  All in all there will only be 8 dealerships selling the rare supercar or more accurately housing the already sold car.

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