Mercedes SLS AMG, Sexy Performance

The Mercedes SLS AMG is one of the most high performance cars made by Mercedes, bred for the track, and tamed for the road.  It’s impossible to miss the gullwing doors, long sexy design, and the sound produced by a 6.3 liter V8.  Ultra light weight aluminum space frame body, coupled with 570 horses, makes for a volatile street machine.

Mercedes engineers have designed the 2010 SLS AMG to get the power to the pavement.  Equipped with a double wish-bone suspension, dry sump lubrication, and a seven speed dual clutch wrapped in a transaxle, it’s guaranteed to hold on tight around the corners.  Thanks to the aluminum chassis, Mercedes has achieved a near 50/50 split with weight distribution, leaning more toward the rear, it’s ideal for any super car.

Inside the SLS AMG, Mercedes went to great lengths to provide racing function and a design that can only be described as aeronautic.  The dark stitched interior with carbon fiber accents provide a luxurious feel, complete with Mercedesque looking vents.  Try not to get overwhelmed when peering inside the cock pit, viewers are greeted with a plethora of gauges, buttons, and gadgets.  All serve a purpose, are in their place, and contribute to the Mercedes SLS AMG experience.

Photos of the exterior of the SLS AMG and interior of the SLS AMG:

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