2011 Mercedes CL Class, Means Business

The new 2011 Mercedes CL Class is a brute force combination of power and luxury.  Gone are the days when luxury sedans, often large in size, were burdened by weak engines.  The new 2011 CL Class destroys this mantra by providing 429 horsepower via a twin-turbo charged V8.  It’s a sports car wrapped in a mild mannered skin.

Imagine rolling up to one of these black monsters, unknowingly giving the stuff shirt in the drivers seat a crooked look.  Next thing you know he’s blown the doors off of your drop top sports car and your girlfriend instantly becomes no longer interested.  The 2011 Mercedes CL Class achieved this greatness through a 5.5 liter V8, which is how it got it’s name, the CL 550.

If the 2011 CL 550 isn’t enough bite for your bark, consider purchasing the CL 600, which promises a similar setup with a full forced 6.0 liter V12.  The CL 600 skirts from 0-60 in just 4.5 seconds, thanks to twin hair dryers producing over 500 horsepower and over 600 lb ft of torque.

Inside it looks like the cock pit of a rocket ship, albeit a very elaborately decorated rocket ship.  Bezels are wood grain and trimmed with polished aluminum and the seats are made of the highest quality leather.  Furthermore, the CL Class provides enough digital gauges and buttons to make your head spin.  And impress the new girl friend you just picked up on the way back from the Mercedes dealership.

One thought on “2011 Mercedes CL Class, Means Business

  1. Tim Holmes

    “The new 2011 Mercedes CL Class providing 429 horsepower via a twin-turbo charged V8” Wow! Now that’s a real “brute force combination of power and luxury”. Mercedes has always been at the peak of innovation. For instance. I just saw a video about the new Mercedes-Benz driving simulator in the website of CCM-News at http://clients.ccm-news.com/?client=Mercedes-Benz. It’s really amazing! It’s a real treat for all you auto lovers.


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