Mercedes S-Class Hybrid

Looking to go green in style and luxury?  If yes, then you better start saving your money now for the in development S-Class hybrid, which will reportedly achieve up to 81 miles per gallon.  It will be a plug-in style hybrid and utilize an SLS AMG e-drive to achieve efficiency greatness.

Amazingly, the S-Class plug-in will reportedly be capable of speeds of up to 68 miles per hour in all electric mode.  However, drivers will be limited to a 20 mile radius in all electric mode.  If your commute only requires you to travel less than 20 miles to and from then it’s possible to get infinite miles per gallon, provided you remember to plug the damn thing in at night.

Which brings me to my next point, the Mercedes plug-in hybrid is already being plagued by a low density battery, which translates into looonnnggg charge times.  Who would want to buy a hybrid that takes 2 days to charge?  One of a handful of hurdles keeping the S-Class in development and not being rolled out the manufacturers door.

S-Class Hybrid

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