Important Chrysler Brake Recall

Chrysler Recall

There are a lot of recalls that float around through out the year, but generally consist of non-lethal issues.  However, when it comes to brakes, it’s worth making an announcement about here on the blog.  Chrysler has announced a recall on over 24k vehicles, because of a defective part in the braking mechanism.  If not fixed the part could cause an immediate failure in the braking ability of the vehicle, obviously resulting in a crash.

The majority of Chrysler vehicles effected by the brake recall are Dodge Ram pickups, made from 2009-2010.  Also included in the recall are some Nitros, Avengers, Chrysler Sebring, Jeep Liberty, Commander, and Grand Cherokee.  If you ignore most recalls because of how insignificant they seem, don’t wait around on this one.  Get to your local dealer ASAP, for the sake of yourself and those that you share the road with.

For recall information please contact Chrysler via phone or email.

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