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Where Can I Get a Used Viper Transmission?

Congratulations on having a Dodge Viper by the way. You seem to like peed a lot if you have a sport car and you need it to work perfectly. If you ask this question then you already know what you are looking for and why. I guess, you are a driver who found out his vehicle is not easy to drive properly and you wish to improve the quality of your car rides. If you are asking of used Viper transmissions then you have already got determined with the price of the device. You know that a new transmission would be better on the one hand, but it is an expensive buying in the other hand. So, you know what you are looking for and we are ready to give you some information.

Web sites

There is plenty of information of all kinds on the Internet including spare parts for all the car models. And Dodge Viper is not exclusion. You can find web sites where there are both new and used parts to buy and even sell or just sites that have used parts. There are sites about transmissions only and there are some that have a wide range of goods to offer from the car wheels to accessories.

Considering that you have a specific question you could also look up some information on Dodge and get what you want. There are sites which are very easy to use when you need to find answers for questions which can not be called common. They offer a little quiz where you describe your car: its model, year of production, type of the engine and so on. When you are done with the answers you receive the information on the Viper transmission very quickly.

Auto Market

Keen drivers appear often on the auto markets looking for novelties for their car-babies. You could also find there a used Viper transmission. And it is a good thing to use as auto markets are full of people who are as interested in the cars as you are. So you might also find new friends there.

Information From Your Friends

If you are really looking for something then do not hesitate to tell all the people around you about it. It is a small world and it can really happen that a friend of yours heard of someone selling a used Viper transmission. Using your contacts is also useful in terms of saving money and trust issues.

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Dodge Viper

The Superstar Car: An Overview of the Dodge Viper

With its smooth pony car style and commanding horsepower, the Dodge Challenger scored a lead role in perhaps the most popular gearhead film ever: Vanishing Point in 1971, and its 1997 remake starring Viggo Mortensen. Since then, it has truly become an automotive icon. Decades later, the Dodge Challenger is back and better than ever, with a muscular V8 engine pair similar to older models but with a modern twist

Today’s Dodge Challenger is packed with safety features and sleek touches unlike its more macho predecessor. The V8 engine provides powerful acceleration, making it fit to be called the king of the road. Among all pony cars, drivers say the Dodge Challenger is the easiest to drive by far. True to its name, it literally challenged all other cars in its segment upon its return.

The latest Dodge Challenger is patterned after its big brother’s 1970s flair. Just like pony cars are supposed to look, the Challenger has a shortened fastback roof line profile and an elongated hood. However, down under, it is based on an abridged adaptation of the Dodge Charger’s platform. With liberal proportions and a split folding rear accommodation, the Dodge Challenger has remarkable baggage space and plentiful passenger room.

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Dodge Viper

Dodge Used Cars- The Viper

Dodge used cars like the Viper was introduced to the North American public back in 1989. The Chrysler Motor Corporation unveiled the pro-type at the Detroit Motor show with such huge success, that the company decide to go ahead with the brand. The first Dodge Viper came on the scene of American streets in 1991 and has been a fixture on the roads ever since. I decided to research Dodge Vipers that were from 1991 to the early 2000s. This actually is one of my most favourite sports cars because of the mean looking design and the power it posses.

Dodge Viper used cars:

If there is any weakness to the Viper it has to be its interior design, its very plain. The leather seats and steering wheel look great and when you sit in one, you know this car can move. My issues are with the engine instruments and the center console, it lacks in sports car design. Its not like a Corvette at night time, where you feel youre in a fighter jet all lit up. The Viper from these years comes standard with AM/FM stereo, Air/Heating, and CD player depending on year.

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New Dodge Viper

It would seem in every horror movie, the villain always manages to come back from the dead, at least once, to provide the audience with one last thrill.  Dodge is now promising a return of the super car, Viper, as soon as next year.  How is that for shock, fear, and amazement.  Furthermore, Dodge is planning some serious tricks in this round of Viper to promise that it’s not just a simple copy ‘n paste.

Just today Dodge released a picture of the new Viper, being tested and tweaked in the snow.  Reportedly Dodge is promising some electronic stability this go around, which will be a first for the 10 cylinder rear wheel drive beast.

American supercar purists shall remain reserved in their excitement, considering the new Viper will share components with existing European supercars.  Which components, what lineup, and what percentage of foreign involvement has yet to be released.  Of course Dodge is promising an exhilarating experience for any buyer, but is it still too soon to consider the original American supercar dead?

New Dodge Viper

New Dodge Viper

Local Dealership Gets Special Edition Viper

Hard to believe, but the dealership that has sold more Dodge Vipers than anyone else in the country, rests in Blair, Nebraska a town of only 8,000.  Because of their ability to sell the Viper supercar, Dodge has built the Woodhouse Special Edition 2010 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR Convertible.  The name of the Dodge dealership is Woodhouse Dodge and the special edition Viper is built around the ACR platform, less the roof.

There will only be 20 of the Woodhouse special edition Vipers produced and this roadster is going to go quick.  Built for speed and then modified by Dodge to compete directly in the American Club Racing division, it’s street legal, but just barely.  The suspension has been super tuned to handle like any great super car and it has the brawn to rip up the pavement.

A new Viper convertible usually checks in at just under $100,000, but the Woodhouse SE will sell for around $107,000.  As you might expect from the Woodhouse Dodge dealership, 16 of the 20 have already been sold, each buyer looking to get a hold of super car history.  Dodge has discontinued production of the Dodge Viper, so these may very well be the last Vipers ever produced, unlike the 50 unveiled earlier in the year.