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Two Great Toyota Vehicles – The Toyota Tundra And Toyota Prius

Shopping for cost-effective, reliable vehicles is easy when youre at Ancaster Toyota (www.toyotaofancaster.ca). This Ancaster dealership can help you pick out a great car or truck, like the Toyota Tundra or Toyota Prius. They are the number one retailer for Toyota in Ontario and work hard to live up to that reputation. Whether you are looking for a full sized pickup truck or an economical hybrid car, they are waiting to assist you.

The Toyota Prius is a full gas-electric hybrid. It is the most fuel efficient car on the North American market. It is manufactured using green plastics. The plastic used in a Toyota Prius is derived from plants, instead of the usual oil based plastics used in most vehicles. The Prius also has one of the lowest emissions of pollutants. Altogether, this creates a car that is much more Earth friendly than the average automobile. It is the perfect choice for an environmentally conscious consumer.

The Prius has a number of features that create a higher level of efficiency, especially when it comes to city driving. The Toyota Prius uses its battery power to provide the minimal energy needed, and also uses regenerative braking. This helps reclaim some of the energy lost during stop and go traffic.

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