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Exclusive Camaro parts for enhancing vehicle looks and performance!

Chevrolet is a brand known for its extraordinary quality and great luxury. Chevrolet cars have a niche in the car industry and have a special place in the hearts of car lovers. It is one of the most sought after brands in the car industry; they offer a huge range of luxury as well as sporty cars. One such popular car which is loved by the sport car lovers is Camaro. It is known for its versatility and ability to be used as a racing car. If you have a sports car like Camaro, you would definitely love to enhance its looks with some state-of-the-art accessories like chevrolet headlights, tail lights, exhausts systems and many other custom designed parts.

One can easily change these custom parts which are manufactured by aftermarket car parts manufacturers. You will find a wide range of choices including chevrolet tail lights, headlights and so much more. If you are in love with your car and want to enhance its looks, choose some of the available accessories and enhance its appearance. You will receive many appreciations from your friends and family for sure. But for all this you need to spend a huge amount of money which is quite comprehensible. Imagine the pleasure you will have while driving such a uniquely designed exclusive car. This will make you a head turner. By using these high-class Camaro parts you can get a more pleasurable and comfortable ride.

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Driverless Vehicles and Urban Travel

That’s right you read it correctly. Within 10 to 20 years we will all see the advent of autonomous vehicles and urban travel while the driver does a number of things other than operate that car. It may not be quite as slick as the fictional film versions of the 50’s depicting miles and miles of bubble topped cars transporting thousands of smiling families but they will exist. The assisted parking cars are available now for purchase. With cameras and 4 directional wheels they easily parallel park themselves with just a little assistance from the driver. Computers and GPS systems will pop our current thoughts of motoring off the charts soon.

City congestion present problems because there is just too much interference for everything to work properly. Traveling to the city for work and play is where you’ll find autonomous vehicles and urban travel commanding less of your attention. You’ll be able to set your coordinates, choose the route you wish to take perhaps for scenic pleasure, set back and relax. Sensors will know the speed limits, surrounding vehicles and path obstructions. Of course unlike those fun 50’s families playing board games in swivel seats you’ll still be belted in to safely arrive. Your car may still have to slam on the brakes for the animal or vehicle that strays into your lane. Unlike a human however, it is hoped the cameras and computers will be able to make faster snap decisions as to which ditch to gently fly into with as little damage as possible.

Henry Ford wanted to be able to help people down the road as a group in a covered motored coach. While he accomplished that the next few generations brought us windows, heaters and air conditioning, cushioning suspension systems and optional diesel motors. It is hoped the electric vehicle will one day go beyond 30 to 50 miles on a charge relinquishing our need of petrol. While the combination gas and electric hybrid vehicles spew far less emissions into the air we need to breathe, their foot print does still exist. It is hoped Quick Charge stations will start to appear where you can also “exchange” low cost electric vehicles people will share with many of a group. The car you climb into will be fully charged for the next 50 miles and cleaned by an attendant just for you.

The Scoop on Autonomous Vehicles (Infographic)

Google has been making the rounds in the news because of their recently announced work on autonomous (driverless) vehicles. While questions remain as to why Google would want to get into the automotive space, driverless cars are fascinating. The experts from the CarInsurance Blog dug up the scoop on autonomous vehicles for us.

Autonomous Vehicle Infographic

Autonomous Vehicle Infographic


What Is A Hybrid Vehicle?

This is a guest article submission on hybrid vehicles.

The hybrid electric vehicle is powered by two engines including the conventional internal combustion engine and electrical power train system. The power train system increases the fuel economy because it relies on electricity to power the engine rather than gasoline. There are large range hybrid electric vehicles on the market.

Modern hybrid electric vehicle uses the regenerative braking is responsible of converting the kinetic energy into battery replenishing energy. Some hybrid cars generate the electricity by spinning an electrical generator in the internal combustion engine. In this way, the battery can be recharged while the user is driving it on the highway. Many hybrid electric vehicle reduce idle emissions by turning off the internal combustion engine when the car is not moving. However, the engine will be restarted again when needed. In addition, the hybrid electric car will produce less emissions comparing with a same sized vehicle powered by gasoline.

The first hybrid car in the world is the Ferdinand Porsche in 1900. The car was not released into the market and made available to the public. In 1998, Toyota release its first hybrid car Toyota Prius. After two years, the Honda debut its hybrid car Honda Insight in the marketplace. Although it was initially viewed as unnecessary, many people began to see its importance when the gasoline price significantly increases. As a result, automobile manufacturers start to make hybrid cars in the late 2000s.

Hybrid electric car become successfully during the 1990s after Honda Insight and Toyota Prius are released to the market. The hybrid electric cars possess an internal combustion engine so that the wheels can move without having to covert to and from electric energy. In 2004, Toyota Prius receive a high demand so that the company develops a newer model. The new model has a modern design and is less expensive while offering up to forty percent of fuel efficiency. Honda also offers its own hybrid car including Insight, Civic and Accord models.  Audi was the first automobile manufacturer in the Europe to come up with a hybrid vehicle called Audi duo.

Hybrid vehicle can be classified into three categories including parallel hybrids, series hybrids, and series parallel hybrids. In parallel hybrids, the internal combustion engine and electric motor is connected to the mechanical transmission. Parallel hybrids have smaller battery packs because they depend on the regenerating braking. The internal combustion engine in parallel hybrid also plays a role in offering supplementing battery recharging. Parallel hybrid offers a higher efficiency for highway driving compares to urban driving.

Series hybrids are only powered by the electric motor. The internal combustion engine acts as a generator to power the electric motor. In addition, the internal combustion engine also helps to recharge the batteries. Series hybrids have a larger battery pack compare with the parallel hybrid so they are more expensive.

Series parallel hybrids has the ability to operate as a series hybrid when driven in lower speed and as parallel hybrid when driven in high speed therefore they cost much higher.