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LEGO Volkswagen Camper

You can buy a Lego kit to build everything from a pirate ship to a Star Wars cruiser, wouldn’t it make since to buy specific vehicle kits too?  Lego and Volkswagen have just teamed up to bring the T1 Camper Van to Lego kit form, so you can relive those hippie days.

Like most Lego products, it’s a high quality model kit.  The interior is what blew me away, having the finest details and movement like the real thing.  Fold out table, chairs, and drawers really add to the collectability.

In my house growing up everyone did the model cars, with paints, glue, and frustration.  Usually the best intentions to build a model car ended after barely even breaking the pieces apart.  I love the idea of having a complicated Lego model car or in this case van and with over 1,300 pieces it’s going to take some time!

With a price tag of $119.99, serious builders and collectors need apply.

9 Creepy Halloween Cars

Looking towards the upcoming holiday I took it upon myself to find a collection of creepy vehicles for your Halloween themed pleasure.  Now these spooky and admittedly scary cars, trucks, and vans are a collection based on different reasons.  Not only can a vehicle be scary for what it looks like, but more importantly who may be driving them.

Free Candy Van

Free Candy Van

Ford Recalls 180,000 SUVs

Recalls galore, with rather important possible failures, including a fuel line and interior door handles.  The recall indludes the Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator, and E-Series Vans. The Ford recall includes all model years 2007-2008.

The problem could prevent the door handles from returning to a closed position, but the latches work properly, said Ford spokesman Wes Sherwood. However, in a side crash, there could be a risk of the door latch opening because of the problems, he said.

As of this posting there have been no reports of fires from the faulty fuel rail, crashes, or serious incidents with the supposed faulty hardware. Expect dealers to start fixing the recall on the interior handles in February and the fuel issue in March.

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