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Rat Rod On eBay

Here at The-Grayline we do not always cover the custom angle of out automotive love.  Personally, I hate myself for that, because customizing is what brought me to love autos of any time, the want, need, and ability to make it my own.  So, I started checking out what people were most into during the month of April and it looks like Rat Rod’s on eBay took the cake.

Right now on eBay there are over 3,600 parts, accessories, and cars that fit the description of Rat Rod.  Furthermore rat rod is one of the top 10 searched queries in all of eBay motors, just above Mustangs I might add.  But why not, a rat rod is the original customized vehicle, dating back to the early 50’s or later and sporting a mish mash of parts and primered paint.

Furthermore, those on a shoe string budget could afford the parts and accessories to make their own Rat Rod.  That’s where eBay comes into place, it’s made the gathering of assorted parts easier, since it’s one HUGE garage sale of rat mobiles.  Maybe I should get started on my Rat Rod project this summer.

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