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09 Ford Edge Upgrade

Blindspot Mirror

Blindspot Mirror

Can you tell it’s a slow automotive news day when I have to write a blog post on the 09 Ford Edge getting a special blindspot mirror upgrade?  Jesus, what happened to prototypes making the news, huge engine upgrades, massive recalls?  I suppose outrageous losses and low consumer confidence has those departments in the automotive industry looking for funds.

At any rate, the 09 Ford Edge will offer a blindspot mirror upgrade as an option.  Reportedly this option will actually retail less than the convex little stick on dealies you can grab at Autozone and be BETTER.  These special mirrors are designed specifically for the vehicle they will be on, so you can better see the grandma hanging out 1/4 way back off your drivers side lane.

Water Injection Intercooler

Water Injection IntercoolerIf you’ve got a turbo charged or super charged car or truck then you know the benefits of keeping that air cool. The cooler the air the more power that can be made at the wheels and the more efficient your power adder will be. Water Injection is a growing trend amongst those with power adders and eBay is becoming a source for engine modification parts at a discount.

Benefits of Water Injection

Another test vehicle – a 97 Pontiac Trans Am with an ATI P1SC supercharger. Originally this came to us with the standard 8 psi pulley and 2 core intercooler. After installing this water injection system we were able to upgrade to a 12 psi pulley on the stock engine! During a hard run, autotap showed ZERO knock count using the stock, agressive timing curve! An amazing 105 rear wheel horsepower increase! Non intercooled super/turbo charged vehicles will show far more impressive gains due to a larger drop in intake air temp.

Water Injection on eBay
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