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Spark Woody Pic

The special edition Chevy Spark will only be available in Europe, at least until 2012.  It’s a subcompact car, in a part of the world where competition is stiff, so special editions are required to gain notice.  Dubbed the Chevrolet Spark Woody, this wood paneled glorified golf-cart was designed to appeal to the UK youth and love of surf.

The wood paneling is fake, instead the Spark is wrapped with a vinyl decal to imitate the wood.  The iconic imagery dates back to the 30’s, when wood paneling on large station wagons was popular and a style that appealed to the younger generation of surfers.  It’s American imagery, with a pinch of vinyl pop culture, that Chevrolet hopes appeals to the subcompact car buying masses.

About the Chevy Spark

The Chevrolet Spark gets it’s go from a tiny 1.0 liter engine.  The hopeful draw will be it’s high efficiency and ability to navigate city traffic better than small car alternatives.  In addition, the Spark touts it’s connectivity, technology, and other creature comforts that will hopefully appeal to the younger market.

Chevy Spark Woody

Chevy Spark Woody

The Difference Between UK and US Car Insurance

Let’s look at the difference between UK and US based car insurance policies.  I’m looking at the giant elephant in the room when I note that either we are paying in dollars or lbs.  When looking for a car insurance policy over seas, keep the exchange rate in mind, because it could make a big difference in your monthly premium.  But let’s find out a way to see what UK car insurance companies have to offer.

Car insurance in the UK is much like the insurance market in the US, right now it’s a buyers market.  Insurance companies are trying to come up with ways to win new customers and keep existing ones.  Two the top car insurance companies in the UK right now, Direct Line and HSBC, both are offering some great incentives.

Direct Line car insurance promises protection in case you get in an accident with an uninsured motorist.  This promise means that the accident will not affect your no claims discount.  HSBC’s standard policies seem to be growing, where items of an insurance policy that used to be options are now standard.  Take for example, New Car Replacement and options to protect your no claims discount.

Although there are some differences in car insurance policy requirements from the US and UK, there is one huge similarity.  Any driver, in either country, are required by law to carry car insurance.  This isn’t a suggestion, it’s the law, where if broken can mean you lose your license or risk having your car impounded.  Furthermore, driving without insurance could have devastating consequences for your financial future.  For more imformation on what insurance in the UK is all about, please read the UK Insurance Overview.

UK Porsche Specialist

Design 911 Porsche Specialist

Design 911 Porsche Specialist

It’s hard to contain yourself when a tuned up Porsche passes by.  The Porsche in stock trim is an impressive piece of machinery, known for power, handling, and luxury.  However, start throwing some after market components at it and it becomes a different level of sexy.  For those Porsche enthusiasts lucky enough to get their hands on a 911, 997, Boxster, or even a Cayenne SUV the mod bug can take over quick, especially with so many parts and kits available.

If you live in the UK there is only one place to visit for specialized Porsche service, Design 911.  Furthermore, Design 911 is a world wide shipper of quality Porsche components like body kits, interior items, engine performance parts, and exhaust.  They have built their reputation on 60 years of combined experience, specifically related to servicing and modifying Porsche cars, race cars, and SUVs.

Design 911 is active amongst the Porsche community.  In 2008 they were an official sponsor for the Porsche Club Great Britain.  In 2009 Design 911 received the Who’s Who of Britain’s Business Elite award.  It’s quite obvious when ordering parts from Design 911 you are not just dealing with any other internet business, this is a brick ‘n mortar Porsche specialist.

Design 911 Facility

Design 911 Facility

Looking for a Porsche service center?  Design 911 offers a full service center that is capable of handling every Porsche ever made.  The experienced team offers complete solutions from simple maintenance to full on restoration and engine rebuilds.  Furthermore all body work is also performed in house, to keep fixed costs down and allow for the highest of quality control.  The folks at Design 911 know what they are talking about, are familiar with their products, and can make recommendations on Porsche performance and tuning parts.

Design 911 also has an extensive Project Car Page that documents small projects like body kit fitting to full on Porsche race car conversions.  Light weight door swaps, engine swaps, and my personal favorite Project Orange as seen below.  Some of their more extensive projects can be seen at automotive events like the AutoSport NEC.

Project Orange Porsche

Project Orange Porsche

Business Information:

Headoffice & Showroom
Design 911 UK (Sideline Design Ltd )
Unit 5, Bracken Industrial Estate
185 Forest Road,
Hainault Essex, London.
tel:0044(0)208 500 8811
fax:0044(0)208 501 3015

Design 911 PDF Catalog