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2011 BMW 5 Series By Hamann

Thinking about purchasing a modified BMW, consider the 5-Series complete with exterior and interior tuning by Hamann.  Hamann is a BMW tuner that specializes in performance and appearance tuning of all BMW cars.  For example, this BMW 5 Series has been worked over with special Hamann side skirts, spoiler, center valance, and even a roof spoiler.

Inside the 2011 Hamann BMW 5 Series is lots of carbon fiber trim, custom floor mats, aluminum pedals, and more Hamann badges than you can shake a stick at.  Granted, its all tastefully done, but the carbon fiber has been overused, every insert converted, and the dash is a maze of fiber.

Other than the additional goodies a la body kits, Hamann also lowered the car by up to 1.5″.  The effect is really amazing, giving the ass end a bow legged look and the side a low profile.  With the extra large rims and high performance tires, the exterior look is complete.  Hamann does an awesome job with the BMW, making it unique, and worthy of the price.