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Tips On Buying A New Hybrid Car

This is a guest article submission on tips for buying a hybrid car.

[ad#Google Adsense]Since hybrid car is in production, there is already a market for them. Most of the hybrid car are manufactured by Toyota. However, you can also find hybrid car from other manufacturers such as Honda and Ford. The price of a used hybrid car is often high because they are not yet widely distributed within a marketplace.

Hybrid CarThere are two choices for American hybrid including Saturn Vue Green Line and Ford. Saturn Vue Green is not a good car because the hybrid technology of the General Motor is lousier compare to other hybrid car manufacturers such as Toyota and Ford. The Aura Green Line has a conventional ICE. It is rated as the North American car of the year in 2007. The Aura was invented by the genera motor European opal group and has a modern look. The aura green line has the same appearance as the standard Aura car but it has a higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions. The Chrysler pacifica is equipped with a six cylinder automatic engine. The average fuel economy for the Chrysler pacifica is 15mpg. The normal fill up cost is higher than $60. The 2005 Ford Escape hybrid is equipped with a four cylinder automatic engine. The average fuel economy for the ford escape is 30+ mpg. The normal fill up cost is approzimately $30 per tank.

When buying a used hybrid car, you must check with the dealer about the battery replacement. Toyota are well known for its high quality engineering which allows the hybrid car to drive up to 200,000 miles. Despite that, you should check the cost of the battery replacement since the hybrid car will need replacement once it reach about 100,000 miles.

You must seek warranty coverage for the used hybrid car. The warranty should provide coverage for the battery pack replacement. If the used car dealer does not offer any warranty coverage, you can request them to reduce the price accordingly since you will need to replace a new battery pack.

You can perform price comparison of different hybrid car through online comparison sites such as Automotive.com. You can also refer to the local newspaper classified to research prices for used hybrid car. Buyers of new hybrid cars are required to pay an upfront premium price. Since you are buying a used car, you should not have to pay for that premium because of the leveled hybrid prices.

To increase the warranty protection, you can find out the benefits of buying a certified pre-owned hybrid car. Toyota has been manufacturing hybrid models since 2001, so you should be able to locate dealer owned hybrids nearby you through its website.

After you had chosen a hybrid car model, you can bargain with the dealer to lower the price. When bargaining with the dealer, you can use excuses such as recently lowered car price, battery pack problem to get a lower price. If the used hybrid car is too expensive, you can consider buying a new hybrid car. New hybrid car have higher efficiency, and longer warranty period. New hybrid car also comes with a better financing package and tax break.