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Test Drive The 2010 Toyota Tacoma

With winter right around the corner, dont you think you need a truck you can depend on? The 2010 Toyota Tacoma is just that truck. With a 4.0 liter DOHC V6 engine, 236 horsepower, 266 lb. ft. of torque, and a stylish rugged design, you can guarantee old man winter wont be slowing you down this year.

This truck has numerous safety features that greatly enhance drivability and safety on slippery winter roads. Standard safety features on the 2010 Tacoma include side curtain and front seat-mounted side airbags, Vehicle Skid Control (VHC) which identifies loss of traction and compensates power delivered to each wheel to maintain directional stability, Traction Control which uses brake and throttle control to deliver power to the wheels with most traction, a 4-wheel anti-lock braking system, Electronic Brake-Force Distribution to optimize the amount of brake force applied to each wheel, and Brake Assist to assist the driver in the event of an emergency stop.

Among the large list of available features on the 2010 Tacoma you can choose from an access cab, double cab, 4×2 or 4×4, Toyota Racing Development (TRD) off-road package, TRD sport package, V6 or four-cylinder engine, SR5 power package, and 400 watt (115 Volt) cargo bed power outlet. All new Tacomas come standard with A/C to get you through the summer months and the overall ability to get the job done.

Toyotas have long been known for being the most high-quality, dependable cars and trucks on the market, and the 2010 Tacoma is no different. It is also comforting to know in these uncertain economic times that when you purchase a Toyota vehicle, you are buying a brand with better resale than most cars on the market.

Before you buy any other truck, you owe it to yourself to head down Ancaster Toyota to test drive the 2010 Tacoma. Ancaster Toyota specializes in providing quality Toyota cars, quality Toyota parts, and quality Toyota service, for Ancaster, Hamilton, and all of Ontario. Also check out their selection of the highest quality used cars in Ancaster. You can keep up to date with sales and promotional offers by becoming a fan of their Facebook page (Ancaster Toyota) or following them on twitter (toyotaancaster). These are great mediums to keep up with company events and ensure that you dont miss out on a golden opportunity.

Taylor Ripp is an auto enthusiast who frequently writes about Toyota cars, for more information check out http://www.toyotaofancaster.ca/

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Have a Look at 2012 Toyota Tacoma

If you want to get a small truck, it could possibly be a good concept to lift your hand now. Even though the Tacoma is here to remain for the direct future, it’s one of very few compact version staying in a relatively dwindling corner of the industry. The Tacoma is one of the few cars provided in basic, short-wheelbase form. Perhaps even it has led up through the years; it and rival designs such as the GMC Canyon and Nissan Frontier could be thought to be mid-sizers in some aspects. For us, there’s still considerably a place for vehicles like the 2012 Tacoma, which provides those who don’t require the hardcore carrying and towing ability of the full-size trucks but still need day-to-day workhorse durability.

It is known to us all, the Toyota Tacoma hasn’t transformed drastically in quite a few years. And even though it’s carried into 2012, the ratios of the grille have been extended just a bit, and the lower dam and the bumper have been contoured to seem more aggressive–with the net impact painting the front end as a bit taller than larger than before. Given that you’re not attempting to move too speedily or push or carry much of a load—the base 159-horsepower, 2.7-liter four-cylinder will deal with well enough. The 4.0-liter V-6 that’s supplied on the rest of the lineup offers a entirely different character, as it creates 236 horsepower and an even more significant 266 pound-feet of torque—enough to move the Tacoma rapidly even when you have a hefty load.

In terms of the five-speed manual transmission, it changes smoothly but has long throws; both the four-speed automatic that’s optionally available with the the five-speed automatic and and four-cylinder that’s regular on V-6 models are sensitive. Overall, ride and handling are a little unsatisfactory in the Tacoma—even among pickups, which generally do trade off some ride relaxation and nimbleness for heavy-carrying ability. The steering is excellent and communicative, but the car, on each of the several Tacomas we’ve experienced, has been choppy and hard — to the stage that on pockmarked city areas, the tires basically lose connection with the road. And maneuverability in the Tacoma doesn’t seem any better than that of a full-size truck. For 2012, the Tacoma has some much-needed audio-system developments, with the standard system integrating built-in Bluetooth hands-free online connectivity, as well as a USB or iPod port. The foundation system has six speakers now and even that is satellite-radio capable.

Also new to the Toyota Tacoma line is the Entune system, which packages navigation functions, voice commands, Bluetooth audio streaming and real-time traffic and weather, among other features. To get more info about some special car parts, you can refer to carpart4u.com.

Car Exterior

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Toyota Tacoma Long Island Trucks Powerful and Highly Capable

Toyota Tacoma Long Island buyers will find the interior as well as exterior to be the same for the current model, but there are few minor changes worth noting.

There are three trims available from which Toyota Tacoma Long Island customers may choose: Base, X-Runner and Pre-Runner. The X-Runner and Pre-Runner are more powerful and have more features than the regular trim.

The base trim has an engine of 2.7L with 159-horsepower and is 4-cylinder. The other engine is available only in X-Runner and Pre-Runner, which is a 4.0-liter V6 that can generate up to 236 horsepower. All trims may be configured for rear-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive. There are two transmissions available: 4-speed automatic and 5-speed manual transmission.

The body styles of Toyota Tacoma Long Island vehicles are regular cab, access cab (extended) and double cab (with four doors). A 6-foot bed with liner is available as standard while a comparatively shorter 5-foot bed can also be chosen and is available as an option. The Tacoma can tow a load of up to 3,500 pounds (standard trim). But some other models, such as the double cab with V6 engine can haul up to 6,500 pounds.

All Toyota Tacoma Long Island shoppers will appreciate the standard safety features. They include stability control, traction control, anti-lock brakes, brake assist system and electronic brake force distribution. They have air bags both for the driver and the front seat passenger. Seat-mounted and curtain air bags, active headrests and tire pressure monitoring are also some of the standard features.

The Tacoma also has a CD player with a very good sound system. In higher trims like the Access Cab, buyers will also get power windows and locks, extra speakers and few other features. The Double Cab has additional features like heater ducts and 60/40 split rear bench.

On top of all the standard features, Toyota Tacoma Long Island customers will appreciate a starting price that’s low in comparison to other trucks sold and still provides ample, towing, hauling and off-road capabilities.


For more information about the Toyota Tacoma, visit http://www.atlantic-toyota-huntington.com/ or call 888-287-0226.


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Toyota Tacoma Club and Magazine

The Toyota Tacoma has a loyal group of owners, one of which founded a club in Texas in 1998. As the years went by, the club became one for all Toyota lovers, and has since spread to nearly every state in the U.S. The club is named the Toyota Territory Off-Roaders Association (TTORA), and was founded by Shannon Brookshire. Some say that the Toyota Tacoma is named for the city in Washington state. The TTORA says that Tacoma is an Indian word meaning strength and power, and was the name of the mountain that provided water to the Salish Indian tribe. That mountain is now called Mount Rainier.

The Toyota Tacoma truck has been around since 1995. It is a durable and reliable vehicle, which can be seen daily on the roads of the U.S. Tacoma owners affectionately refer to their vehicle as “she” and “her,” and they are quick to tell you how much they love their little lady, Tacoma. You can bet they only use genuine Toyota Tacoma parts on their reliable pickups.

The love of the Tacoma is not the only reason for the TTORA club. Their members also share a desire to “protect and preserve public trails for the sport of motorized off-roading.” They also help members by providing free resources regarding taking care of their Tacoma, as well as customizing their truck with Toyota Tacoma parts. One of my favorite features of the web site is the photo gallery, where members can upload photos of their customized Tacomas, as well as more humorous shots, such as the one of a truck in a snowbank.

This particular group of Toyota lovers provides great and varied information regarding all aspects of 4×4 trails. There are trail guides, trail ratings, CB radio information, a 4X4 Creed, environmental information, and information on other 4 wheel drive associations. No matter what you need to know regarding your Toyota Tacoma, you are bound to find it here. They encourage you to register as a free member so you can have access to all of their information. Once a member, you can create a profile and communicate with other Toyota owners, asking questions and offering answers to others, as well as sharing your love of driving a Toyota. Their trail and camping guide section provides excellent advice for all those venturing out on a trail or a camping trip, including a vehicle safety check list. Check them out at http://www.ttora.com, and remember to use only genuine Toyota Tacoma parts when you’re upgrading your pickup.

So large and great are the numbers of the Toyota Tacoma and other 4WD lovers, that there is now a magazine devoted to all Toyota 4×4 models, “4WD Toyota Owner,” which can be found online at http://www.4wdtoyotaowner.com. They launched with their Sept/Oct premiere issue in 2005. Whether you need or want to know about the latest trends or the newest features, from a Toyota door handle to a Toyota antenna, this is the magazine for true and loyal Toyota Owners.

If you love your Toyota, you are not alone. Indeed, there is no doubt a group near you or online where you will feel right at home learning how to spruce up your vehicle. Perhaps you can even share a bit of knowledge with new owners.

Toyotapartscenter.net sells Toyota Tundra parts, Toyota 4Runner parts, and all other Toyota parts and accessories you need at prices you can afford.

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Toyota Tacoma For Sale

A compact point for KBB, but I had twenty interested consumers making an attempt to tell me I was asking far also much for my Tacoma, based mostly on Kelly Blue Guide values. The fortunate guy who ended up buying this beautiful, one particular owner, no accident, Tacoma, didn’t click on to see what some thing was value, he shopped all-around in city, and on line, and he realized a honest cost for a very good auto when he noticed one. Nineteen other people today misplaced out on a terrific truck. You still can’t imagine all you browse. Applying very good typical feeling need to nonetheless be involved in the procedure of buying and selling autos.

Where does the everyday buyer match in my story? You fit in just about everywhere. I talk to hundreds of persons every single year that are in the procedure of obtaining and promoting a vehicle. I get a glimpse of their lives, what their conditions are at the second, and how a purchasing or promoting mistake, for lots of of them, will take a very long time to recover from. It made use of to be mentioned that your vehicle was your second largest buy in lifestyle second only to your residence. A substantial invest in. Now, residing in a time of easy credit, quick credit score disasters, housing collapses, and so forth. it has moved into the most significant expenditure for numerous men and women. This puts a car or truck into the group of most significant investment for some folks.

This is why I am troubled by the Kelly Blue Book and world-wide-web pricing, in normal, and peoples willingness to imagine and observe it. They don’t look and feel at your car like your investment. They look and feel at it as getting worthy of incredibly minor to you at trade-in time, worthy of a small a lot more, if you promote it yourself, and well worth a great deal far more if a Dealer sells it.

For illustration, if you individual of a 2005 Honda Accord EX V6, with 85k miles, and you make a decision you are going to acquire a new 1, you can take a look at Kelly Blue Guide, and see that your regional dealer will offer you all around $ 9300. on a trade-in, if your car or truck is in “Good” ailment. So you trade it in. Let’s say you received the new auto you wished, pop back into the dealership to finish up some paperwork, the subsequent week, and you see your made use of automobile on the good deal for $ 14,600., a whopping $ 5300. more than you obtained on trade. If that doesn’t turn you off from buying and selling your car in at any time yet again, then you have considerably extra dollars than time. I am also in disagreement with the KBB theory that the Personal Party value should be $ 11,600., or $ 3000. much less than the retail appeal. A car is worth what it is really worth. If a dealer is heading to inquire retail for your car, you ought to also. It is your motor vehicle, your investment, and you can ask no matter what you believe it is truly worth, and negotiate down, if you want.

The Tacoma has crammed a want for several many years, serving largely as a gapper among really small and big trucks. It?s a sturdy truck that can do some serious lifting, however the Tacoma also has better-than-typical energy, delivers a touch of refinement, and possesses some off-road capacity as nicely.

Toyota Tacoma Insurance coverage

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