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Dodge Viper

The Superstar Car: An Overview of the Dodge Viper

With its smooth pony car style and commanding horsepower, the Dodge Challenger scored a lead role in perhaps the most popular gearhead film ever: Vanishing Point in 1971, and its 1997 remake starring Viggo Mortensen. Since then, it has truly become an automotive icon. Decades later, the Dodge Challenger is back and better than ever, with a muscular V8 engine pair similar to older models but with a modern twist

Today’s Dodge Challenger is packed with safety features and sleek touches unlike its more macho predecessor. The V8 engine provides powerful acceleration, making it fit to be called the king of the road. Among all pony cars, drivers say the Dodge Challenger is the easiest to drive by far. True to its name, it literally challenged all other cars in its segment upon its return.

The latest Dodge Challenger is patterned after its big brother’s 1970s flair. Just like pony cars are supposed to look, the Challenger has a shortened fastback roof line profile and an elongated hood. However, down under, it is based on an abridged adaptation of the Dodge Charger’s platform. With liberal proportions and a split folding rear accommodation, the Dodge Challenger has remarkable baggage space and plentiful passenger room.

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