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SRT-10 VS Lightning

Muscle obviously doesn’t have to refer to cars alone, there are 2 trucks that can proudly and honestly wear the muscle moniker.  The Ford F150 Lightning and the Dodge Ram SRT10.  Both of these hairy chested man machines are packed with power, speed, and enough torque to rip up the pavement.  But what would happen if they lined up next to each other on the 1/4 mile or on your local highways?  Like any race, it depends on the driver, but lets look closer at the matchup of muscle trucks.


The 2004 Ford Lightning is packing some serious heat, not as much in displacement, but with forced injection.  The later model Lightnings were equipped with a 5.4L Super Charged engine.  This testosterone fueled motor produced about 380 horsepower and over 450 ft lb of torque.  Plenty to push the modestly sized lightning down the road.  There were just under 3,800 produced and 2004 was the last year they were produced by team SVT.


Dodge wins the displacement and cubic inch game with an 8.3L V10 engine.  Honestly, my hands are sweating  typing about such a hairy motor, which produced over 500 horsepower and 525 ft lb of torque.  Whenever you hit the gas you had better be holding onto something.  The Dodge RAM SRT-10 was last produced in 2006, but there have been rumors of a resurface in recent months.  Looking at production numbers, in the 3 year production of the SRT-10 there were only a total of 9,000 made.  It’s a rare muscle truck, but one worthy of the name, and a serious contender for the Lightning.

See the two race in the video below.  While the SRT-10 wasn’t quite ready for the first launch, the second attempt was much more valiant, but the Lightning pulled away at the end.

In this video you can see the Lightning clearly stomps a mud hole in the ass of the SRT-10.

Although these are just a few examples, I’m gonna have to give the F150 the checkered flag. The RAM is just too bulky of a beast, even with it’s massive engine to compete with the nimble Ford Lightning. Keep in mind this is just an opinion piece and I’m sure there are those out there that can drive better than the videos above. But keep in mind the suspension and weights of the two muscle trucks when considering a showdown. Dodge RAM SRT-10 owners beware.

Lightning VS SRT-10

Lightning VS SRT-10