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Ugly, Stupid, Neurotic Car Spoilers

It’s just like the brain slugs from Futurama, something has attached itself to the heads of our youth and sucked the smarts out.  It’s forced normally sound inviduals to place ungodly looking stupid spoilers on their vehicles, content with the looks, and convinced others find it appealing.  After all, most spoilers are only for show and on these vehicles they look more like a tumor.

I’m sure once age sets in and wisdom shows these folks the error of their ways they will understand why everyone was laughing at them.  These car spoilers are just out of hand and go to show you just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Does Your Car Need A Spoiler?

Modifying your ride is more than a hobby for the dedicated enthusiast; it’s a passion, an obsession even. With so many different types of modifications on the market, it can be difficult to know what you should modify first. While engine modification is a definite requirement for most tuners, body modifications are just as important. So, where do you start with body modifications?

Both body kits and spoilers are a great place to start. While many body kits come with spoilers (some do not), purchasing a spoiler separately can be a more cost-effective way to begin a modification. What types of spoilers can you find? There are hundreds of different styles, from huge wing spoilers to more subtle spoilers that simply add a lip to your trunk lid. However, the types of spoilers available will vary by the year, make and model of your car (you can find a wide list of body kits and spoilers at AndysAutoSport.com).

Choosing accessories that are made for your specific vehicle is a much better option that choosing a “universal” accessory. This applies to spoilers as well as anything else. Universal fits tend to leave much to be desired. They often have loose fits, sloppy looks and require extra modification in the form of cutting, drilling and securing. A spoiler or other accessory made to fit your vehicle will minimize the amount of work needed.

Regardless of make and model, you’ll be confronted with several choices when it comes time to purchase your spoiler.

  • Aluminum – Aluminum spoilers definitely stand out from the crowd. They are usually tall, though many models have a height adjustment mechanism. These are ideal for a techie look, or those interested in a futuristic style, as well as a lightweight solution.

  • Carbon Fiber – Few materials compare to carbon fiber in terms of strength, durability and weight. This material is ideal for spoiler creation and can lend a unique look to your car. Carbon fiber lends a race-inspired look to any ride.

  • Paintable Spoilers – These usually come unfinished, and allow you to paint the spoiler the same color as your car. This is an ideal option for owners who want to maintain a consistent style and color throughout their vehicle.

A spoiler also offers a way to reduce friction as your car drives, saving you fuel (as long as you drive normally), as well as providing additional down force for the rear of the car.