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2012 Camaro Transformer Edition

Are you a fan of the new Transformer block busters or just hate VW Beetles?  Either way there is a brand new special edition Camaro available in 2012, which is an appearance package avialable for the 2LT and SS model Camaros.

Fans of the movies will immediately recognize the vibrant Rally Yellow coupled with carbon fiber stripes.  In addition the 2012 Transformer Edition comes equipped with a high-wing spoiler, murdered-out 20″ rims, leather seats with yellow trim, and Autobot logos.

The basic Transformer package for the 2012 Camaro is $3,000, but for the wheels and black ground effects add $7,780.

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2012 Boss 302

2012 Boss 302 Interior Gauges

2012 Boss 302 Gauges

[ad#Top of Post Left]What I love most about the Ford Mustang is it’s versatility!  On one platform it’s possible to reach the budget, look, and feel of almost everyone.  Not a fan of huge motors and big power, yet love the style of the 2010 and newer Mustang, no problem buy the very capable V6.  Love meaty, pavement wrecking torque, yet living on a normal persons budget, go for the standard GT.  However, for those in the know, who want to grab the reigns of a truly demonic force, the Shelby GT500 is ready and waiting.  These are just a few of the many different versions available on the Mustang platform and the new 2012 Boss 302 will be another contender.

2012 Boss 302 Engine

2012 Boss 302 Engine

The 2012 Boss 302 was built with a purpose, to create power, transfer that power to the road, and make your heart skip a beat.  Complaints about the Boss 302 is it’s ride quality, suspension setup, and even racing seats.  Were these people looking for luxury or were they looking for the greatest Iron American can produce?

Blue 2012 BOSS 302

Blue 2012 Boss 302

This all new Boss provides a whopping 444 horsepower from just 5 liters of American made metal.  The extra umph from the 302 comes via a new exhaust system, with 4 outlets.  Like the side exit exhaust, cool, dig the rear exit pipes, awesome, with the 2012 Boss 302 you get both.  What does that translate into on the track?  How about 0-60 in 4.3 seconds and quarter mile lap time of just 12.3 seconds.

2012 Boss 302 Seats

2012 Boss 302 Seats

Short throws, stiff clutch, and adjustable electronic steering makes the Boss 302 a purposeful beast.  A beast that isn’t interested in where you are going, rather focused on how it can get you there in the least time possible.  A car built around the idea that intimidation reigns supreme on the highways and that the best way to intimidate is through throaty vocals at 2400 rpm.  The person willing to throw down $40k + on this car is not concerned with it’s simple interior or non-telescoping steering wheel.  They are only interested in how bad ass it is to push the gas pedal to the floor and hold on for dear life.

Local Dealership Gets Special Edition Viper

Hard to believe, but the dealership that has sold more Dodge Vipers than anyone else in the country, rests in Blair, Nebraska a town of only 8,000.  Because of their ability to sell the Viper supercar, Dodge has built the Woodhouse Special Edition 2010 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR Convertible.  The name of the Dodge dealership is Woodhouse Dodge and the special edition Viper is built around the ACR platform, less the roof.

There will only be 20 of the Woodhouse special edition Vipers produced and this roadster is going to go quick.  Built for speed and then modified by Dodge to compete directly in the American Club Racing division, it’s street legal, but just barely.  The suspension has been super tuned to handle like any great super car and it has the brawn to rip up the pavement.

A new Viper convertible usually checks in at just under $100,000, but the Woodhouse SE will sell for around $107,000.  As you might expect from the Woodhouse Dodge dealership, 16 of the 20 have already been sold, each buyer looking to get a hold of super car history.  Dodge has discontinued production of the Dodge Viper, so these may very well be the last Vipers ever produced, unlike the 50 unveiled earlier in the year.

Dodge Color Coordination

If the Super Bowl ads weren’t enough to convince you that real men want Dodge vehicles, then perhaps their latest color option will have you questioning your manhood.  Dodge has released the most vibrant pink color I’ve ever seen and it’s called Furious Fuchsia.  Yes, that’s how it’s spelled, but I always type fuschia instead, so whatever makes you happy.

Furious Fuchsia

It’s basically one step away from being an Avon Hemi or an Avon R/T.  But Dodge is convinced that it’s the next step in gaining market share, so they’ve released these pink neon muscle cars as a special edition.  Consider that about 85% of the people that buy Challengers are Male…would even women want this color on their ride?

At any rate, whether you like it or love it, the special edition Furious Fuchsia Challenger SRT 8 will be limited to 400.  Complete with white interior, don’t expect to swap the tires and then climb in without leaving a mess all over everything.  And just after I spent all day tidying up.

Nurburgring Special Edition Nissan 370Z

US residents need not apply, the 2009 Nissan 370Z Nurburgring Special Edition will only be available in Europe.  Special consideration is being given to this 370Z because of the cars contribution to the 24 hour race last month.  Although there are no major engine overhauls on this special edition, there are a few tweeks that make it a worthwhile purchase.

Most notable difference between the Nurburgring Special Edition 370Z and regular 370Z is the exhaust.  This special edition will get a higher performance exhaust system to accompany the unchanged 3.7 liter V6.  Also, there will be an upgraded set of rims and tires, with 19″ OZ racing rims.

The special edition 370Z will only be available in the color Yellow.  So, close your eyes and imagine the car picture below in bright racing Yellow with some fancy schmancy rims.  Basically, that’s all it takes to pump out a special edition nowadays.  This comes with a price tag of over $71,000 and a limit of only 80 will be made.  Time to go stand in line.

370z Nurburgring Race Car

370z Nurburgring Race Car