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Toyota Tundra Detroit Truck Owners, Software Bug Fixed

Toyota Tundra Detroit drivers: When is the last time a Toyota Tundra truck went 170 miles per hour? If the answer is never, it’s the right one.

A recent Reuters article has revealed what Toyota Tundra Detroit owners already know about their trucks, and that little nugget of knowledge is Toyota Tundra’s are incapable of going 170 miles per hour. Try 120 miles per hour, which is a rare achievement.

The inaccurate speed was recorded when Toyota examined the event data recorder—more commonly known as a black box—after a one-car crash in 2007 during which the driver was killed after going off a rural road in the state of Washington. The data indicated the Toyota Tundra involved in the crash was traveling at a speed of more than 170 miles per hour at the time of the crash, something which Toyota Tundra Detroit owners know is highly unlikely unless the vehicle had been significantly modified.

Takeshi Uchiyamada, a Toyota executive in charge of product development and research, told reporters in Detroit the Toyota Tundra could not be traveling at speeds that fast, and the inconsistency was the result of a software bug from the reader that was used to recover the crash information.

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iPad Built For The Automotive Enthusiast

iPad Automotive AppsMany iPhone users will tell you that the iPhone was a huge development for automotive enthusiasts.  Applications from remote starting, unlocking, and apps that allowed users to find the best hot spots made for an enthralling tool.  It delivered confidence in traveling, knowing where you were going, and most importantly what to do when you get there.  Now, that same technology is being applied to the iPad and is being focused on automotive applications.

Hyundai was maybe the first to adopt the iPad as a tool for drivers and auto enthusiasts.  Earlier this year Hyundai announced that every new Equus would come with a free iPad, preloaded with the cars manual.  Now that the iPad has had some time to grow within the market and reach increased adoption, companies like BMW are leading the way with automotive apps for the iPad.

‘Das’, is the first BMW iPad App, that allows users to view some of their product line in 3D.  With touch technology provided by the Apple iPad users are then able to twist the images of BMW’s cars, peak into their technological advancements and learn all about their vehicles.  But BMW isn’t looking at just the typical consumer use for the iPad, they also plan to outfit some of their salesman with the new cool tech tool.

The iPad for the BMW sales people would come loaded with software that would allow them to access BMW’s personal software.  This tool would allow a salesperson to pull up information on a specific model, provide images, and even run credit applications while out on the car lot.

Although Hyundai and BMW are the largest car manufacturers to adopt the iPad as a tool, Coda Automotive isn’t far behind.  Supposedly Coda will be releasing an all electric car later this year, that will come equipped with an iPod, again preloaded with the cars manual.  Relatively inexpensive compared to the overall price of the car, the iPad will potentially create a new incentive for buyers and techno automotive geeks.

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