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Saleen Challenger

Hard to believe, but Steve Saleen has finally stepped away from just customizing Ford Mustangs and has now put his name on a Challenger based SMS-570.  There have been reports of green and blue-gray Saleen Challenger combinations seen in the wild, modified so far as to be a completely different type of car.  Starting with the suspension, Saleen has updated the Challenger to make it handle and perform completely different than one rolling off of Dodge’s manufacturing floor.

The SMS-570 Challenger is priced crazy high for the type of vehicle the customization is attached to.  The price jumps even further if you want a custom green paint job, which adds another $18,000 to the already $70,000 price of customization.  That means, for a new Dodge Challenger, touched by the hand of Saleen, expect to hand out almost $100,000.  Steeeeep!?

So, what do you get on the SMS-570 compared to a normal Challenger?  First of all the base engine Saleen has worked with is the 5.7 Hemi V8, only he’s added a 296 supercharger.  The combination is potent and helps deliver a whopping 500 horsepower and 500 lb ft of torque.  As mentioned above, the SMS-570 also comes with all new suspension, drive train, and aero dynamics to complete the Saleen treatment.

I certainly don’t feel it’s worth the extra cash for the modifications listed on the MSRP sheet.  Furthermore, for his first foray away from the Mustang, I won’t be surprised if this project falls on it’s face before it even takes off.  Other than a handful of collectors, is there a market for Saleen modified Challengers, even in a step-down offering other than the SMS-570?