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Hot Lava xD Special Edition Scion

Toyota is doing another push for the love it or loathe it Scion, with the special edition Scion Hot Lava xD.  This will be a very limited edition Scion with Toyota making only 2,000 units.  The Scion marketing ploy will entail 12 major cities, Website Banner Ads, and Newspaper ads all over the US.  This week it will be hard not to see some face of the Scion in your day to day life.

“Release Series vehicles give us the unique opportunity to communicate what our brand is about but with a twist,” Jack Hollis, Scion’s vp, said in a statement. “The smoking mobile billboards and street teams wearing the protective heat gear will engage consumers and bring additional awareness of the Scion brand and excitement to the xD RS 1.0’s distinctiveness.”

The Scion xD release marks the 5th Anniversary for Scion in the US and frankly it’s being met with mixed reviews.  As far as a collectors car, time will tell, but for the giddy car lover in me I don’t want one.  Of course, i was never one for the go-cart driving feel of the Toyota Scion.  But for a teenager who gets everything, $17,169 delivers the Toyota Scion Hot Lava xD.