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YeZ Concept Car Pics

YeZ Leaf Concept Car

While other car makers are looking to bring emissions down or achieve a zero emissions level, the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation has created a concept car that makes negative emissions.  That’s right, this YeZ concept car actually removes CO2 from the air and releases Oxygen, just like a tree.

[ad#Google Adsense]YeZ means ‘Leaf’ in Mandarin, which makes it quite obvious where this concept car got it’s name.  The YeZ picture shows off just how much of an influence leaves had on it’s external and even internal design.  It’ utilizes photosynthesis to run and then mimics the shape of a leaf with it’s roof and green hues.

The technology used in the YeZ is advanced and even still a working theory, which produces power through solar panels on the roof and special wind turbines in the wheels.  The actual body panels are what absorbs the carbon dioxide and through chemical reactions energy is produced and then stored in lithium ion batteries.

Actual production or even possibility of a working model is some 20 years away.  Please, all you dirty hippies, put away your pocket books.

YeZ Leaf Concept Car