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Projector Headlights As Safety Equipment

Projector Headlights F150

Projector Headlights F150

Safety equipment becomes a major concern for car buyers as they become older, wiser, and add a little mini-me to the family.  I know my taste in vehicles changed abruptly when I had my first child and the questions I ask when buying a new vehicle changed too.  My focus changed to safety and what a certain car offers as protection for my now growing family.  A safety feature on newer cars are projector headlights, something older cars may not have, but can be installed easily.

As an upgrade to my older pickup truck I decided to buy projector headlights, mainly for safety reasons.  The old tarnished and sand burnt headlights just weren’t getting the job done, especially when adverse weather came into play.  Where I live it’s not too noticable, even at night because I rely on city lighting to lead my way, but whenever I leave town at night it becomes a concern.  That’s why I turned to installing projector headlights, the difference adds a new level of confidence in night time driving.

The younger crowd, or just those enthusiasts focused on the looks of their vehicle, may be more interested in the way the headlights look.  Projector headlights are unique to traditional ‘bulb’ style headlights in that they have a European look.  A typical projector headlight will feature a black background with a series of small circular lights in the middle.  The designs available differ depending on the vehicle model you are replacing the head lights on.  Personally, I went with something a little less flashy and more down to business, just to get the job done.

Because there are a number of different styles available, prices can vary greatly.  As an example, when buying the projector headlights for my 97 F150, I found prices ranging from as little as $130 up to $200.  That being said I still can stress enough how big of a difference it makes and how much more safe I feel driving my little girl around at night.
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Drivers Ed Saves Lives

We all probably went through the same experience when we were growing up.  When we turned 16, we probably took driver’s ed and got our driver’s license. I was not a huge fan of drivers education, because it was a very boring class.  Yet, looking back, it is an extremely valuable class that everyone should be required to take.

I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t see someone run a red light.  Is getting to be the wintertime now.  I really start to wonder how many people are going to get in car accidents  just because they were impatient.  It’s a terrible thing.  While driver’s ed doesn’t really solve this problem, it does teach you to drive more defensively and can keep you safer in the midst of so many other bad drivers.

Also, even though drivers education was a very high stress environment, especially the driving tests, that does do a good job of teaching you to be alert in high stress driving environments.  Many people live in large urban areas, with four or eight lane highways that get cramped and congested during rush hour.  I’ve driven in more than my fair share of this kind of traffic, and I can tell you that it is extremely stressful.  People make mistakes, and at 75 miles an hour, that usually means someone dies or is badly injured.

I can’t help but wonder, when I see bad drivers if they ever took drivers education class themselves.  I’m sure they did, but what happened to them that they all of a sudden decided that safety of themselves and others was not really worth paying attention to? Is getting to work or to the store a couple minutes quicker, worth killing someone? I don’t think so, but it seems like a lot of other people do.

With all the distractions in our vehicles and outside of our vehicles, it is more important than ever to have a solid foundation of drivers education to keep people safe behind the wheel.  The more safe drivers, we can have better.  Even if you know how to drive, a defensive driving course. might save your life. Aefensive driving isn’t sexy, but neither is a horrific accident. Think about it.

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On The Road With Your Pet

Driving With Pets

Driving With Pets

Taking your pet dog, cat or whatever along on a long trip is for many drivers an absolute necessity. Some pets and some owners too can’t stand being alone. Besides this, there are all the costs and headaches of searching for boarding for a pet, or asking friends or family to take care of your pet.

For making your trip as smooth as possible, some preparation, for both the vehicle and the pet, is necessary.

First, take into account, that your pet has to get accustomed to cars. That is not normally a problem for a dog, since most owners take their dogs in their car with them. However, almost no driver takes his cat for a ride. So, start small and try a few short trips within your neighborhood. Many pet associate trips to trips to the veterinary, so it is important that it associates driving with something pleasant. Giving some form of reward after the trip, will make your pet feel more comfortable in a car.

All cats, no matter how peaceful they are, should be confined to a cat carrier. No exceptions are allowed. Cats are unpredictable within an automobile. Putting it in a cage will make you both feel more comfortable.

Dogs can also be dangerous for the driver. Don’t let your dog ride at your side -whether on the floor nor in the passenger seat- or lay on your lap. Sometimes drivers have to make unpredictable movements and you will need the security that your dog won’t hinder you in your movements.

The best option for dogs is buying a divider to create a compartment separating the pet from other areas of the vehicle. If you have a big automobile like a SUV, you can put your dog in the rear area. The most important is that you keep it separated from the driver.

Further minor points are taking enough food and water with you, taking general medication and planning to stop every couple of hours. And don’t let it ride with an open window, although it seems funny for him, this is a focus of infection for him.

What All New Drivers Should Know

As I obtained my driver’s license as a teenager it was for me a ticket to a new world. It gave me the freedom that I, and all teenagers, see as their passage to the adult world. However, this new freedom also imply new risks. An automobile can be a wonderful or a terrible tool in the hands of an inexperienced driver.

Before giving the car’s keys to a new teenager driver consider evaluating you insurance policy. Does it cover drivers of all ages and drivers with a newly obtained driver’s license? Take the insurance card always with when driving. The police may request it and you have to show it after an accident. Read the small print about what it covers and what it doesn’t. For new drivers, full cover may be expensive, but depending on your mileage, it is the way to go. Don’t make the mistake of believing that if you only drive on weekend, you need less protection, since accidents happen exactly on weekends. If the premium is too high, but you still want full protection, consider completing a certified driving security training. These course take normally just a couple of days and will make any driver experience his limits and the braking pattern of his own car.

As a side note, consider that another interesting way of still being fully protected by your insurance policy it to choose a hybrid automobile. Leasing or owning a green car will make some insurance policies 10% cheaper. In the saving is double, since ecologically friendly cars consume less gas.

Of course, you cannot only rely on your insurance policy to keep accident costs low. New drivers have to be specially careful about speed and road conditions. It is all about knowing where your limits are. These are two point that new drivers, especially those on their teens, don’t take enough into account. In winter, road conditions can vary rapidly and a new driver will have serious trouble maintaining the car straight the first time.

The new driver should also know his car and extras -first aid kit, jumper cables, camera, spare tire, the route, and cell phone. Make sure that everything is working, and that the new driver knows how to use everything.

Glass Repair For Safety Reasons

Of all the safety features on an automobile there are few more important than your windshield. Often overlooked the windshield protects it passengers from wind, rain and road debris. Unknowing to most it also prevents occupant ejection during a crash, Roof crush in event of a rollover and acts as a backboard for passenger side airbag deployment.

The automotive glass industry is largely unregulated and has no definite standards for safe installation of windshield installations. Some auto glass repair and auto glass replacement shops use unethical procedures for windshield installations. When choosing an auto glass company you should make sure they are using new auto glass (OEM) Original Equipment manufacturer Glass not used glass or aftermarket glass. Also, you have to make sure that they are following the American National Standards Institute Guidelines. You should also make sure that they are insured and take how long they have been in business for into consideration.

If the new windshield is not properly installed at the time of replacement it may not pass the federal motor vehicle safety standards FMVSS 208, FMVSS212 or FMVSS216. FMVSS 208 mandates that the windshield must remain attached to the vehicle in event of a front end collision so that the passenger side air bag will work properly. FMVSS 212-requires auto glass replacements to maintain adhesion to the vehicle in the event of an accident to prevent occupant ejection. FMVSS 216-explains that the windshield Prevents Roof crush in event of a rollover. When selecting an auto glass replacement company don’t base your decision off of price. If you do then let your mind be your conscience. Make sure you go with a glass shop that is committed to keeping their customers safe.

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