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Chrysler Built Your Routan

That’s right, the new minivan from VW, the Routan, was built and designed by our domestic buddies Chrysler.  Volkswagen, trying to attract as many customers as possible, rushed the Routan onto the market and brought a quality mini-van option to the dealership floors.  Rush is not a bad thing, especially when you consider the Routan, which is based off of the wildly popular Town and Country and Dodge Grand Caravan.

The VW Routan gets almost everything right, safety, options, cargo space, and thanks to VW some decent styling.  Basically the only thing touched by VW was the exterior styling ques and some of the upgraded seat options.  Even more impressive is that the base price for a VW Routan is only about $26,000.

Brooke Shields has been doing her best to get the word out about the new Routan.  However, according to VW only a little over 4,000 units have been sold to date.  Looks like Brooke has a little ways to go before baby making becomes a Routan past time.

VW Routan

VW Routan