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Used Truck Prices

Used truck prices can very a lot, just like any vehicle, depending on which part of the country you live in. For some reason, in the Midwest I’ve found that used truck prices are extremely high and damn near equal the same as a new truck. A domestic used truck price will usually hold it’s value, as long as it’s taken care of, free of rust, and has a strong motor.

Normal wear and tear doesn’t bother potential used truck buyers, because they are buying a truck for a purpose, not a luxury. Having a used truck for sale with general wear and tear, like scratches, and dents just adds character to a dependable investment. As mentioned, buying a used truck for a purpose means that the truck will be used for work and be more susceptible to these imperfections by the new owner anyway.

Small pick up trucks experience a little bit more depreciation on the market when comparing used truck prices.  This is due to the fact that a typical small truck will not have the durability or longevity of a heavy duty full size pickup truck.  Furthermore the uses for a full size pickup far outweigh what can be done with a small size, like a Ford Ranger or Chevy Colorado.

New Truck Buyers

The good news for those looking to buy a brand new pick up truck is that you could expect the resale value to hold.  The less depreciation you expect when driving off the lot, the better and the more likely you will be able to resell in a few years and recoop some of the original buying price.  There is always a market for used trucks that are priced right, because you just can’t haul a mattress or tow a trailer with a gas saving small car.  Everyone needs a friend with a truck to help them move…right?

Used Trucks on eBay
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