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2012 Toyota RAV 4 EV Version

[ad#Top of Post Left]Toyota has announced and debuted their upcoming EV RAV 4 (electric vehicle), unfortunately not much is still known.  We do know that Toyota has been working closely with the electric vehicle brainiacs over at Tesla, the creators of the supercar EV.

The first difference to notice between the existing RAV 4 model lineup and the Tesla assisted built RAV 4 is the coming and going.  That is, the front bumper and rear gate look different than the gas powered versions available now.  Gone is the spare tower housing and the front bumper has received some updates that include LED fog lights.

Inside the 2012 RAV 4, the EV version will be developed almost entirely by Tesla.  The heart and soul of the current generation EV’s is the lithium-ion batteries, which Tesla has reportedly perfected.  Toyota is aiming for a 100 mile range thanks to Tesla’s electric vehicle technology.  Pretty big all electric range, decent space, but mini-van like styling.  Hopefully there won’t be any immediate recalls.

2012 Toyota RAV 4 EV (Electric Vehicle) Pictures: