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New Glasses For 04 Mustang

The latest and earliest addition to the 04 Mustang GT Convertible Project Car is a new set of headlights. Tired and weather beaten, the fastest and easiest face lift was with new head lights. Price wise, it’s a great starting point to start customizing the Mustang. I chose Andy’s Auto Sports as my source for the new Mustang’s glasses.

Where to buy?

Andy’s Auto Sports has a phenomenal inventory and selection of automotive parts. Simply put, it’s staggering at all the vehicles they cover and are capable of providing components for. Thankfully, their website is easy to navigate and all the auto parts are organized under the year, model, and part category you are looking to purchase. My only complaint is that once I decided on headlights, I then had to choose from a number of manufacturers before seeing the product. I’m not familiar with some of the import part makers, so it would have been nice to see all the company’s products listed together at that point in a gallery format. However, available telephone support, fast and easy to navigate website, along with freight speeds make this a 5 Star buying experience.

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Planning Makes Perfect With Your Corvette Project

Corvette RimThat old idiom, “Planning makes perfect” is just as true for your Corvette modifications as it is for any other project. You may already have a vision of how you want your Corvette to look, sound, and feel – if you don’t, looking at some examples of other Corvette pictures can give you some ideas on style trends you’d like to incorporate. And if you head over to CorvetteGuys, our selection of Corvette pictures also includes some favorite performance modifications that our customers have done to their Corvette, so you can put together your parts list.

Once you’ve been inspired, you may take a walk out to look at your Corvette and finalize your ideas. Have a Corvette rim that’s a little scratched? Want to step up to nicer ones? A new Corvette Exhaust from a top name like Magnaflow or SLP might be on your list, too. But here’s where things can get frustrating for the project-oriented guy (or gal) – because in the not-so-distant past, it was hard to find all your parts in one place. Happily, if you’re already on CorvetteGuys, you don’t even have to leave the site to get everything you need to complete your car – and best of all, it’s all delivered to your door with free shipping. And while you’re there, you might just find a few things to make your Corvette uniquely yours (and to add to your next project list, perhaps?)

Once your Corvette is ready for your next show, race, or club outing and prepared for its “wow!” reception, don’t forget to finish off your polished look with some Corvette apparel for yourself, your family – or for the younger folk, your future pit crew. And regardless of whether you own or just love Corvettes, a t-shirt is the perfect way to highlight your admiration for this icon of American sportscars. CorvetteGuys has got everything you need to find inspiration, design your plan, and execute your project in one place, so make it your first stop for all your Corvette performance parts needs.