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Buying the Best Toyota Tacoma Accessories For The Best Price

Toyota Tacoma is one of the most popular SUVs of all times. Like most other SUVs of its time and caliber, it is the accessories and parts that make the car give a better performance. People who usually go for the SUVs are knowledgeable enough to go for the best of the Toyota Tacoma accessories from the best manufacturers. The concept of adding accessories is largely seen in car enthusiasts and more and more people are taking to it these days.

Toyota Tacoma parts are not that expensive these days. Quite a lot of dealers have come up who offer excellent and high-quality products and parts which are also quite competitively priced. As more and more dealers crop up, the number of choices increases and there is a reduction of cost. However, it also makes it harder for the people to go and zero-in on the right dealer and the right pack of Toyota Tacoma accessories.

Toyota Tacoma parts are cool and often people make the mistake of adding too many Toyota Tacoma exterior parts. Before one begins to add the Toyota Tacoma accessories, one needs to know that the car’s balance and the performance is not only enhanced but by adding too many of these, it might also get affected. A due and proper consultation with the experts is often required if in case you are about to add too many serious Toyota Tacoma Exterior Parts to your car.

The Toyota Tacoma accessories include a wide range of interior and exterior parts. From simple things like the exhaust tip, to wheel locks, alloy wheels, front skid plate and more, you can add so many things or replace the existing ones with better or more stunning accessories. However, one must need to bear some things in mind: firstly, you should not keep on adding Toyota Tacoma parts at the cost of your savings. Many times, people just inflate the cost way above their budget! Secondly, the addition of parts should be balanced and you should remember to keep the car at its optimal performance. Too many parts and accessories might be disastrous to the performance and the mileage of the car.

Toyota Tacoma Accessories with advanced technology. Toyota Tacoma parts for every class and age.

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2011 Mustang Price Set

How much is the sticker price for a new 2011 Mustang?  Well, Ford has approached the market much like they have in the past and that’s to undercut the Camaro’s.  Although not a huge price difference, the 2011 Mustang V6 and Gt are both cheaper than the 2011 Camaros.

A 2011 Mustang V6 has a $22,955 price tag and the 2011 Mustang GT retails for $30,495.  That works out to be a few hundred less for the V6 model and about $3,000 less for the GT, compared to the Camaro SS.  Long live the Pony Car!

I just wish that Ford or Chevy or really any manufacturer would come up with a more affordable sports car.  Although less than the Camaro, $30,000 is still a lot of money for a Ford product.  I’m not doubting the quality, performance, or appeal, but come on.  If this rising price trend continues we may eventually see the Mustang not become an every mans car.  How long ago would $30,000 buy you a vette?

America Needs A Cheap Car

Domestic car manufacturers were handed a big helping hand a few weeks ago, when Toyota announced the recall of 2.3million vehicles.  Toyota has already been fighting back the consumer backlash, spending a fortune on recall fixes, advertising, and supporting their local dealers to gain back trust.  So, as expected, domestic manufacturers have seen a slight up tic in sales, but will it last?

I suspect the disdain for Toyota won’t last and with the money Honda spent on Super Bowl ads we should expect them to gain a larger portion of market share.  Now I have to ask myself, what does America need, to compete in this economy and against steep competition from imports?  I believe the answer lies in a budget friendly car and by that, I mean cheap.

Cheap means different things to different people.  To some, cheap means value, how much they get for the money they spend.  However,  in this situation, when I say cheap, I mean a brand new car, decent equipped for less than $10,000.  We don’t need a Toyota Scion knock off and we don’t need another throw away car, what we need is a cheap car that is easy to work on, a vehicle built by Americans for Americans.

Originally when Toyota announced the release of a Scion branded small car, I believe it was intended to fill this niche market.  Perhaps the niche proved too profitable and the demand for their go-kart style cars became too much, so like any good Capitalist they raised their prices.  Now it’s not unusual to see Scions go for $17,000+, still a good deal in comparison to $25,000 cars, but not cheap enough.

Americans need a reliable vehicle they can purchase for under $10k, which is roomy enough to appeal to families.  This car needs to be serviceable, meaning drop all the bells and whistles, roll back the technology to a decade ago…or even further.  I understand the need for smog equipment, but lets leave off the equipment that takes millions of dollars worth or research and development.  Give me an engine bay that has enough room to turn a wrench and less electronics and I’ll show you a happy consumer willing to get dirty, rather than go deeper in debt.

A car serves a purpose, get from point A to point B.  The problem comes when manufacturers decide that it’s not profitable enough to fill that need, so they create a need in the mind of the consumer.  I need power windows, I need advanced engine computer controls, I need power seats.  These things are not needs, but they are all too soon becoming standard equipment, driving that inexpensive car price tag, to that of a luxury car just a few short years ago.  We need a company that can get this ideal across and sell it well.

The company, ideally a spin off from one of the Big 3, should embrace the culture of do-it-yourselfers and those wanting to live a lifestyle away from status symbols.  This company should spend marketing dollars on showing the value of having a reliable mid-size car capable of fulfilling a need and show what the money wasted on other products can now pay for.  A better life, away from debt, away from worry if it breaks down, and away from the stigma of a throwaway car.

This new market niche can be created, it can be exploited, and can be profitable based on volume.  We can have nice cars built for less than $10k, but as Americans we have to be taught that the most important aspect of a car is its ability to reach point B.  This new market won’t care about $1 million prototypes or how shiny the concept model looked at the Detroit Auto Show.  This new market will fall in love with a car they can repair in their drive way and be proud to take the kids to school in.

It’s a bold and brave endeavor, if only somebody would step up to the task.

Volt Needs High Gas Prices

Green News

Green News

The Chevy Volt and other electric, hybrid, or alternative fuel vehicles need high gas prices.  Without the threat looming of $4 per gallon gasoline it makes it difficult to stomach a $40,000 investment, in some cases.  Obviously the higher the fuel prices the shorter time it takes to break even and to have the electric car start actually saving you money.

Looking at it this way makes me look like I hate the environment, but that’s not the case.  I’m all for doing my part to keep the Earth green and blue, but not at the cost of being in debt up to my eye balls without any return.  There must be a breaking point, where investment shows return, even when talking about green technology.  So, I guess this idea only applies to those who aren’t independently wealthy green freaks.

No doubt if fuel prices remain relatively low it will devastate the huge investment companies like Chevrolet have made with the Volt.  Everyone was able to jump on board the research and development when gas prices were high, but what will happen financially to the company now that sales will be directly effected by the fuel prices?  Surely there will be more financial incentive to buy a new all electric car or at least lower the expected price all across the board.

I hope that we will see falling vehicle prices on all cars, trucks, suv’s, and not just the special niche green market.  The idea that a vehicle should cost 1/2 as much as most peoples homes is getting to be a little bit ridiculous.  Let’s start by slashing that all electric Chevy Volt price.

Used Truck Prices

Used truck prices can very a lot, just like any vehicle, depending on which part of the country you live in. For some reason, in the Midwest I’ve found that used truck prices are extremely high and damn near equal the same as a new truck. A domestic used truck price will usually hold it’s value, as long as it’s taken care of, free of rust, and has a strong motor.

Normal wear and tear doesn’t bother potential used truck buyers, because they are buying a truck for a purpose, not a luxury. Having a used truck for sale with general wear and tear, like scratches, and dents just adds character to a dependable investment. As mentioned, buying a used truck for a purpose means that the truck will be used for work and be more susceptible to these imperfections by the new owner anyway.

Small pick up trucks experience a little bit more depreciation on the market when comparing used truck prices.  This is due to the fact that a typical small truck will not have the durability or longevity of a heavy duty full size pickup truck.  Furthermore the uses for a full size pickup far outweigh what can be done with a small size, like a Ford Ranger or Chevy Colorado.

New Truck Buyers

The good news for those looking to buy a brand new pick up truck is that you could expect the resale value to hold.  The less depreciation you expect when driving off the lot, the better and the more likely you will be able to resell in a few years and recoop some of the original buying price.  There is always a market for used trucks that are priced right, because you just can’t haul a mattress or tow a trailer with a gas saving small car.  Everyone needs a friend with a truck to help them move…right?

Used Trucks on eBay
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