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2012 Red Camaro ZL1

The Popularity of a Chevy Camaro zl1

With the advent of the automobile in the early 1900’s taking shape, Chevrolet put its feet to the ground in 1911.  Cars were a new thing then and quickly evolved over the next few decades, providing drivers more amenities, faster engines and better control with more durable tires, stronger brakes, etc.

Now fast forward to the late 60’s, 1968 to be exact, and more innovations were being rolled out in the form of the Camaro.  The Camaro was created to rival Ford’s popular Mustang series, and decades later the Camaro’s popularity, while not to heights of being their flagship model, is still evident today.  Thanks in part to quality, comfort and high-performance, the Camaro’s durability in the eyes of consumers was more than enough to stake that claim.

Take the Camaro zl1 model, for example.  The zl1 is the upper echelon of not just Chevy sports cars, it’s got similar muscle and heft with Chevy’s most recognizable model, the Corvette.  Whether it’s the 2012 Camaro zl1 or the 1969 version, horsepower and torque is a main reason why its got the muscle to run with the big boys.  Heck, the ’69 Camaro zl1 had 430 horsepower with a complementary 450 torque.  To put that in perspective, that was nearly triple the horsepower of the 1989 Honda Accord I drove in high school.  And at only $ 4,000 for a new model then compared to the $ 4,500 I paid for my Honda (granted, it was used and the ’69 Camaro’s price would have been inflated to its current price today), the payoff would’ve been greater with a little more horsepower to cruise around my high school parking lot.

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