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Ford Car Sold For $11 Million

Who knew that Ford made a car, ever, that would be worth $11 million?  On Friday, the 17th, at a Pebble Beach auction, a 1968 Ford GT40 sold for a whopping $11 million.  It’s not just the GT40’s rarity that makes this car special, it also comes with a pretty cool life story.

The GT40 sold was actually 1 of only 2 left in existence, but also shows off some Hollywood cred.  Accomplished race car and a film car driven by Steve McQueen in the movie LeMans.  Although heavily modified for filming, the GT40 has been restored and is ripe for collector picking.

The GT40 is born of competition and a need to surpass the leaders of the pack.  Did you know that Ford researched, designed, and built the GT40 with the express goal to beat Ferrari  on the world endurance racing circuit.  That’s it, purpose built to win, in spite of a failed business dealing between Henry Ford II and Enzo Ferrari.

Sources: LA Times Article about the Pebble Beach Auction

GT40 Pictures