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Convertible Pony Projector

Pony Projectors On New Ford Mustangs

The calendar is about to roll over to 2014 and the amazing options on vehicles continues to soar.  What’s caught my eye today is the Pony Projector, which can be found on new Ford Mustangs.  This mirror mounted light projects an image of the iconic Pony onto the ground, other than looking cool, it also serves a purpose.

Have you ever got out of your car at night and stepped square in the middle of a puddle?  How about stepping into a big pile of doggy business?  This light is designed to show you exactly where your first step out of the Mustang will land.  Of course, it also looks bad ass.  Check out the Pony Projector images and video below.

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Pimp The Ford Flex

Tricking out the Ford Flex in Europe with expensive option packages has proved successful, so Ford is planning on bringing the Titanium package to the US. It’s considered a top of the line package, which will soon be available for purchase for the Flex cross over van looking ride and the small car Focus.

The cost of the Titanium package for the Ford Flex will be an additional $2,495. Doesn’t seem that expensive, when you consider the price of the Flex is already over $40,000. Furthermore, with the goodies included it seems well worth the price if you are looking for some luxury.

Options included in the Titanium package for the Ford Flex:

  • Choice of 4 different custom exterior colors.
  • two-tone roof
  • black chrome grille
  • black charcoal leather seats
  • metallic finish on the center console
  • perforated leather steering wheel

Ford expects to roll out the availability of the Titanium package some time later this year for the Flex.  The Ford Focus and possible other models will offer a similar package later on, depending on the Titanium’s popularity.  If nothing else, perhaps this optional package will place the Flex in a potential market for luxury cross over buyers, who would have normally ignored what Ford had to offer.