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376 MPG Opel – Conspiracy

Normally I don’t dabble in conspiracy theory websites, nor do I entertain trying to unravel the mysteries of the powers that be.  For one I’m not smart enough, for two, there are just not enough hours in the day.  However, this article, having an automotive flair to it, caught my attention.  According to the article, the author has purchased an old Opel made car, which reportedly got 376 miles per gallon.  Why hasn’t it seen the light of day or seen technology move int he direction that existed so many years ago?  Big Oil said NO!?

According to reports, this special 1959 Opel was modified in 1973 to allow the outrageous and hard to believe gas mileage.  To achieve such astronomical efficiency the gasoline was super heated before actually used in combustion.

It’s an old article, but it looks like this special fuel efficient Opel was actually sold in 2008 for over $375,000.  Plan on covering a lot of miles every year to make up the savings.

Source of green 1959 Opel that Big Oil Hates – http://blog.hemmings.com/index.php/2007/05/01/big-oil-conspiracy-376-mpg-opel-uncovered/

Opel Ampera Is A Volt

Believe it or not the Opel Ampera is a Chevy Volt for the European market.  Not just simply rebranded like the Australian version Holden Volt, the Opel simply looks like a car I would want to buy.  So why does the European version of the Volt look so much riskier than the American version?

Opel Ampera

Opel Ampera

Of course we are still probably 2 years away from it’s actual release and concept cars have been known for their extreme styling, but the idea is grand.  The lowered look, performance design, its possible out of an electric car…right?