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Winter Time Blues

[ad#Top of Post Left]I really hope everyone had a great holiday break, enjoyed eating too much, or whatever you tradition of choice requires of you.  Usually my holidays exist only to provide and receive gifts from others, followed by gorging at the kitchen table.  It’s an amazing time of the year, but when it’s over I’m left looking at all my cool stuff I get to use…when it warms up.  Which means lots of new garage and automobile toys, that will be put to better use when it breaks freezing again.

What else makes the winter time, right after the New Year, so dull for auto enthusiasts is that it’s hard to enjoy doing regular maintenance when you can’t feel your hands.  For example, my wife is due for an oil change, which is something I would normally do myself.  However, it’s just far too cold and too big a hassle for me to brave the elements, so I’ll be visiting the local speedy lube.

Because I’ll be going to the professionals I’ll also be able to skip out on some other winter time regular maintenance checkups.  For example, they will make sure the air pressure in my tires is set properly, plenty of tread to brave sudden snow storms, and top my fluid levels off.  Usually a full service oil change center will complete all of the above for a very reasonable price.  This low price becomes even more inviting when you realize all of this will be done while you are toasty in the waiting room.

So, once, maybe twice a year, I’ll leave the auto work to someone else.  Depending on how long of a winter we have headed our way, might have to stop in for another fast oil change.  Next post I’ll talk about must have items to keep in your vehicle for road trips or even grocery runs in the winter time.  Getting stuck on the side of the road in the middle of winter is no joke, so let’s plan like it.

Walmart Automotive Center Warnings

[ad#Google Adsense]Anytime you mix fast, mass service with anything mechanical you are sure to have issues.  Walmart Automotive Center is one such example where problems can arise, simply from mechanics being in too big a hurry, or inproperly trained.  It’s quick and easy to find a Walmart when all you need is an oil change, but it could end up costing you in the long run.  Let’s look at some of the complaints about the Walmart Automotive Center.

Two Gaskets Don’t Make A Right

A recent complaint from earlier this month states that the individual took his car to the local Walmart Automotive Center for a basic oil change.  Besides the employees being extremely rude, there was also an issue with the oil change itself.  Reportedly when the old oil filter was removed, the mechanic failed to remove the old gasket.  When the new oil filter was installed it leaked badly, after only a few days the owner reported losing all oil in his drive way.  Obviously running an engine without oil will damage the engine, so the owner went back to the Walmart where the oil change was performed.

The manager of the automotive department agreed to file an insurance claim and get it taken care of.  Positive recovery is great, but unfortunately the insurance company doesn’t agree and because the owner of the car didn’t take it back to Walmart before fixing the issue, they are denying the claim.  This Walmart Automotive Center complaint is still in process.

Tire Rotation Confrontation

Earlier this year a complaint came in from a customer in West, Florida that purchased a slightly more expensive tire replacement and rotation package.  The package will supposedly cover tire rotations for the life of the tires.  When the customer returned back to Walmart to have her tires rotated, she was denied the free rotation she purchased, because Walmart no longer carries that brand tire.

What Oil Cap

At the end of last year a customer from Springfield, MO alleges that she had her oil changed at her Super Walmart Automotive Center.  After five days she started smell a strong burning smell, so she dropped by a local dealership.  According to reports the oil cap had been left off of the car, which caused oil to spray all over the underside of her hood and over the engine.  This caused a major fire hazard and a somewhat pricely fix, considering the extent of the mess.

When the customer brought the issue up with management at the Walmart Automotive Center there seemed to be hope.  However, after an initial inspection of her car(at the dealership) by a Walmart employee and further investigation, they claim they have video proof that a cap was put on the car when she left.  She was not allowed to see the video and this accusation is still under litigation.


I understand that no one is perfect and just going by the numbers Walmart should have more issues than other mechanics.  Consider the sheer amount of people that come through the Walmart automotive center, Murphy dictates that at least a small percentage will have faults.  But don’t think just because the automotive center wears that all too familiar Walmart title that you will be protected from any issues and that every job will be perfect.  You get what you pay for.