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Dwindling Car Lot Inventory

I was reading an article earlier today discussing the state of the US economy and what it means to domestic car manufacturers.  They listed the start of the recession as December of 2007, which means we are about to reach 2 years.  Couple this with the news that GM had been losing money on Saturn since day one and it’s face palm city.

They say the Midwest is always the last to feel economic changes, well let me tell you we are feeling it.  I’ve been noticing locally much of the car manufacturers are starting to not park their inventory as close together.  A few years ago you couldn’t even drive onto a car lot, now there’s enough room to maneuver a school bus.  They say we are starting to come out of the recession, I hope THEY are right.

But it’s not just new car inventory that seems to be slipping away.  I’ve been actively searching for a used car in the $10,000 range for months, without any luck.  People are holding onto their used cars longer or got rid of them 2 months ago in the cash for clunkers program.

Come on economy, start getting better, I’m tired of writing about bad news in the automotive industry.