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NMRA Pit Crew Pics

I’ve went through and picked out some pictures of the pit walk through at the NMRA in Joliet, IL.  Obviously attendees weren’t just allowed to walk up inside the tents and trailers of the drivers and car owners, but we were allowed pretty close when walking up to the drag strip.  Although these pictures capture the cars and workers, they don’t even touch the feeling you get in your chest when one of these monsters is fired up.

2011 Mustangs On eBay

I reported a few days ago when the first 2011 Mustang hit eBay, well now they are all over the place.  The 2011 Mustang auctions getting the most attention are the Shelby GT500’s, where people are hoping to snag a good deal.  Or, perhaps they are just hard to find in parts of the country and people are looking for a quick 2011 Mustang fix.  Either way, there are currently over 2 pages of 2011 Mustangs on eBay.

Obviously many of the 2011 Mustang listings, which can be found on The-Grayline.com’s Mustangs For Sale page, are being sold by dealerships online.  I don’t think anyone has purchased a 2011, drove it, and decided they didn’t want it anymore. 😉

The highest priced 2011 Mustang on eBay right now is a Shelby GT500 Convertible complete with the SVT performance package.  It’s currently setting at $60,000 and has a buy it now of $63,205.

[phpbay]Mustang SHELBY SHELBY GT500 CONVERTIBLE SVT PERFORMANCE PACKAGE, 1, “6236”, “”[/phpbay]