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Most Tunable Cars Today

[ad#Google Adsense]Car tuning is the best way to make your ride reflect your personal style and interests. However, some cars are more “tunable” than others are. What are the easiest cars to tune? What are the most popular cars on the market to turn into street rods? While that answer will be dictated in large part by your geographic area, as well as your interests and influences, the resounding answer for most of America is simple. Small cars, with 4-cylinder engines are the most popular thing to tune. These are what are known as pocket rockets.

What is a pocket rocket, you ask? The standard definition is a normally aspirated car with a 4-cylinder engine. In addition, these are usually small cars, compacts or subcompacts. Here are a few examples of this type of car:

  • Honda Civic

  • Honda Civic SI

  • VW Golf

  • VW Rabbit

  • VW Golf GTI

  • Dodge Neon

  • Dodge Caliber (which replaced the Neon)

There are, of course, many other types of cars. Hatchbacks tend to be extremely popular for this category. In fact, almost any small, lightweight car will work. The one caveat is that the car cannot have turbo or a supercharger installed, either before or after the modification.

What sets these cars apart and makes them pocket rockets? A series of simple modifications is all that is needed. The addition of a cold air intake and aftermarket ignition components is the start. In addition, a sport tuned suspension, an aftermarket exhaust system and performance wheels (note that these are not necessarily extremely large) are usually added.

Chip tuning a pocket rocket is the best way to maximize power and performance. Many of these vehicles are OBD I, which means that simply installing a new chip is all that is required. OBD II vehicles will need to have the ECU flashed in order to install new fuel maps and engine management software.

Chip tuning an OBD II car will require the services of a specialized shop. They will have the equipment necessary to reprogram the ECU; however, most of these shops do not provide the software or fuel maps required. That is left to the tuner. Thankfully, many companies online offer quality fuel maps for a wide range of vehicles.

Tuning your car can be an excellent way to get the ride of your dreams (you can visit AndysAutoSport.com for all the performance accessories that you will need).