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Mean Green Machine, Mercedes Environmental Campaign

Everyone is capitalizing on looking green, going green, or at the very least just trying not to dump their oil change down the drain.  Manufacturers know that consumers are taking into consideration their environmental impact when purchasing a car, so they intend to exploit desire.  Some just like throwing a green hue on their logo until they can come up with a nice fuel efficient car, Mercedes is going all out with an environmental awareness ad campaign.  Soon enough it’ll be in your face, Mercedes is committed to the green movement, with an ad premiere during the upcoming Academy Awards.

The Green advertisement will focus on the all new S400 Hybrid.  Hoping to attract familiar viewers, the ad will be voiced by Jon Hamm, a Golden Globe winner from the TV series Mad Men.  It’s called the ‘Tree of Innovation’ and it’s designed to instill a sense of guilt in fat wallet consumers.

On a positive note, it does highlight the fact that Mercedes has been committed to testing and developing energy efficient vehicles.  You don’t have to look far till you see the advancements they’ve made in clean diesel technology and now uber efficient hybrids.  “Engineering for a greener future”, is the hook, which most consumer will bite.

Mercedes CLS Work Of Art

Mercedes has debuted a likeness of what their next generation CLS model will look like and it’s a beautiful work of art.  It’s abstract, but resembles a Mercedes shrink wrapped with cellophane.  This is a very different approach from Mercedes in the past or other manufacturers that like showing off clay sculptures or scale models.

The new Mercedes concept art is an attention getter for sure, even for those who aren’t into art.  This art debut at Detroit will become the all new 2012 Mercedes CLS, when finally put into production and not just hidden under cover.

2012 Mercedes CLS Pics

Mercedes 5th SUV

Mercedes has been in the SUV business since 1997 and now 12 years later they are introducing the GLK350, the 5th Mercedes SUV/Crossover.  This all new SUV is a slightly tuned down version of the GL SUV and priced respectably at $35,000.  I’m surprised any Mercedes vehicle, let alone a large SUV, can drop below $40k, so color me impressed.

Green drivers will be pleased to hear that the large SUV is capable of 21 miles per gallon on the highway.  That figure becomes even more impressive when you consider that the GLK350 is pushing close to 270 horsepower.  It goes to show that Mercedes has a long running commitment to efficiency and engineering to produce that kind of power in an SUV out of 3.5 small liters and 6 cylinders.

My concern is that bringing an albeit well priced Mercedes SUV this late to the market may not be a smart move.  It’s happening all over the US, families are trading in a Mercedes in the drive way for a paid off house.  We’ll see how sales place the GLK350 in the SUV market and whether or not Mercedes plans on trimming back some of it’s oversized line ups.

Mercedes GLK350

Mercedes GLK350

2010 Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG

The Black Series Mercedes Benz SL65 has officially been tested by the boys at Motor Trend, whom as the question, what recession?  Basically jetting around in a $300,000 blown V12 makes you wonder who could afford such awesome toys, but apparently Mercedes feels at least 350 people can.  As of this posting Mercedes plans to produce only 350 2010 Mercedes Benz SL65-AMG Black Series.

Check out the pictures of this throbbing race car wrapped in domesticated sex appeal.

RennTech GLK Hybrid Rally Car

RennTech, a popular Mercedes tuning company, is in the process of putting the finishing touches on a hybrid rally car to be displayed at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November.   The worlds most potent green machine will function with the same hybrid technology found in Chevrolet and Saturn hybrid vehicles.  However, RennTech is utilizing electric motors in the GLK to help PUSH the light weight rally car out of turns.

Obviously there are a number of other changes to the rally car that are typical with rally race cars.  For example you will find the obligatory fascia modifications and humongous spoiler to aid in high speed stability.

“With the Rally Racer, we have really increased the car’s performance,” continues Feyhl. “Together with the more aggressive, sporting look, we have created a powerful and exciting package.”

RennTech is hoping to prove that high performance nad efficiency can coexist.  Furthermore then note that advancements in the automotive industry were done by enthusiasts that pushed the envelope and demanded higher performance at a lower cost.  The RennTech GLK hybrid rally car will definitely be a site to see at the Auto Show.  Viva La Revolucion!