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BMW has released some information on the elusive M3 saw running around the Nurburgring a few weeks ago. The factory built race car is truly an inspiration for corner carving light weight goodness. But perhaps BMW has gone too far? nah!

Not only is this new M3 lighter, thanks to an ample amount of metal for carbon fiber swapping, it’s also more powerful.  Think about an ultra light car packed with a 4.4 liter v8, producing over 400 horsepower.  This deadly combination of power to weight ratio, 19 inch rims, and adjustable suspension makes for an improved lap time BMW can be proud of.

Much like privately built race cars, this BMW factory flyer also includes many other upgrades over the typical dealer M3.  Not including high priced rubbers, over sized disc brakes, and stripped down amenities.  All of this can be yours, special ordered from BMW, for $172,500.  I just don’t think this includes destination charges and any other kind of nickel and diming.